If you are afraid of getting infected with viruses while making payments due to pandemics, the scan Khalti QR & Pay service might be the most convenient tool for you. Using this service, anyone can make contactless payments in a few taps. 


What is Scan & Pay?

Scan and Pay is a mobile-based payment facility that helps you to pay your bills just by scanning a QR (Quick Response) code from your smartphone in a few seconds. It is also known as the cashless payments methods. Generally, QR is performed while shopping and making payments at grocery stores, e-commerce websites, and merchant outlets. 


How does it work?

To make a bill payment from QR, all you need to do is,  just scan the QR, enter the amount and your job will be done within 5 seconds. From this service, you can directly transfer money from the bank account without the support of swiping machine. In this service, you do not have to face the hassle of entering the merchant’s ID or contact details every time you make payments.


Benefits of Khalti Scan and Pay

  • Khalti Scan&Pay service is fast, secure and hassle-free
  • You do not have to use a debit card while making payments
  • You can make contactless payments that save you from viruses


How to Pay from Khalti QR code?

  • Open the Khalti app and go to Scan & Pay option
  • Hold your mobile and align it with a QR code within the frame
  • Now, it will automatically fill in your details
  • Enter the total amount to pay
  • Tap on the purpose option to choose your reason to pay
  • Confirm the details and click on the “Pay” button
  • Now your payment is done


Where can you pay with a Khalti QR code scanner in Nepal?

Khalti OR Code is accepted in almost every nook and crannies of Nepal.

  1. Cinemas
  2. Petrol Pumps
  3. Restaurants & coffee shops
  4. Local stores
  5. Major retail outlets
  6. Hospitals
  7. Airlines
  8. Event ticketing

And more!

For more clarity, watch the video below:

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