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Atif Aslam Concert In Nepal. Buy Your Tickets From Khalti

Are you ready to be swept away by the enchanting melodies of one of South Asia's most celebrated voices? Brace yourselves, because the sensation, the maestro, Atif Aslam, Concert in Nepal is all set to take place, and it's a musical spectacle you won't...

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Know about Ongoing Offers on Khalti | Khalti Ma K Cha?

Know about Khalti's exciting ongoing offers. Get updates of our every current offers below:             Flight ticket Buy flight tickets from Khalti and win Sureshot scratchcards. Here’s how you can book a flight ticket from Khalti -  Step 1: Go to the homepage of...

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Top Up & Win an iPhone 15 with Khalti!

Are you ready for a thrilling opportunity to upgrade your mobile experience? Khalti brings you an exciting chance to win the latest iPhone 15 while topping up your mobile with just Rs. 50! In a world where simplicity meets sophistication, Khalti invites...

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Khalti बाट आरामदायी Bus यात्रा

Khalti बाट आरामदायी Bus यात्रा

लामाे यात्रा गर्दा स‍बै भन्दा difficult कुरा भनेकै Ticket Book गर्नु हो। काेही चिनेकाे मान्छे खाेजेर घरी घरि बुझ्ने कि बारम्बार Ticket Counter सम्म गईरहने कि जस्ता confusion अनि आफ्नाे रोजाईकाे Seat नपाउने जस्ता समस्या त हामीले भाेगेकै हो। यी समस्याहरू काे...

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