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This Dashain: Send Money No charges and make your Khalti Full!

Dashain is almost here, and We are excited to add to the festive joy with our new and exciting "Send Money No Charge" offer. Connect with your loved ones this Dashain without worrying about transfer fees, vacations, shopping, or Dashain Dakshina.   Here comes...

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This Dashain: Buy your flight tickets and make your Khalti Full

As the scent of marigolds and incense fills the air, Dashain, Nepal's most cherished festival, is just around the corner! With the Dashain season approaching, you might consider heading back to your hometown or looking for Travel and vacations to enhance the enjoyment...

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Khalti Daaami QR is Now in Pure Tissue Box! 

Khalti Daaami QR is Now in Pure Tissue Box! 

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with every tissue you pull!  Khalti is here to add a dash of excitement to your everyday essentials with the all-new Khalti DAAAMI QR now available in Pure tissue cartons!   Here's the deal: Grab a carton of Pure Tissues, scan...

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