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Top-up ma Thailand trip 🏖️

Picture this, you walking on the shores of Phuket and the bustling streets of Bangkok. What if you get a chance to experience this all for free? Yes!  So, yet again Khalti has an exciting offer for you, “ Top-up ma Thailand Trip”.    With this ...

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Win Big with Khalti: Link your Bank Account Today!

Making financial transactions through banks can be quite a hassle. Well, not with Khalti. Linking your bank account to your Khalti ID can ease your bank transaction process.  Khalti allows you to connect to 30+ banks. The bank link feature allows you to make payments...

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Khalti Daaami QR is Now in Pure Tissue Box! 

Khalti Daaami QR is Now in Pure Tissue Box! 

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with every tissue you pull!  Khalti is here to add a dash of excitement to your everyday essentials with the all-new Khalti DAAAMI QR now available in Pure tissue cartons!   Here's the deal: Grab a carton of Pure Tissues, scan...

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