Amidst the pandemic, we understand and appreciate all the sacrifices we have made so far for contamination. We at Khalti, striving for a cashless Nepal, should also be a part of your efforts too. To do so, we are launching a “Scan and Pay” campaign urging people to pay through QR.

Scan and Pay” Campaign Details:

  1. Get a chance to win 50% off up to Rs. 100 service coupon code every day by completing a QR payment.
  2. We will giveaway codes to 5 scanners at random every day
  3. The campaign period is 15 days
Here are the T&C:
  1. To be eligible, customers will have to do a payment anywhere across Nepal at Grocery stores, Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Hospitals, etc. by scanning the QR Code registered with Khalti.
  2. The payment amount should be Rs. 100 or more to be eligible for the contest
  3. Out of all customers meeting eligibility criteria, every day 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected
  4. Winners will receive 50% cashback up to Rs.100 on recharge
  5. Winners will be selected every Friday till 21st May