Semir Group is a leading Chinese multi-brand listed garment company focused on the fashion retail business of casual wear and children’s wear with two major brands—SEMIR and balabala. With Khalti, you can get a 10% Discount on Scan & Pay from Union Pay QR (offers to normal Khalti user).    Additionally, being a Khalti Membership subscriber (Khalti Pro and Khalti Club) get 10% Discount on scan & Pay from Khalti Daaami QR plus Rs. 500 worth of gift vouchers. The offer is valid on the outlets of SEMIR.


SEMIR outlets: Civil Mall, Labim Mall, SEMIR CG LANDMARK MALL CHITWAN 2ND FLOOR, Chipledhunga Salesways building -Pokhara.  


Discount at SEMIR Outlets:


For Khalti Users

  1. Head to any one SEMIR outlet for shopping
  2. On payment, scan the Union Pay QR for 10% Discount or scan the Khalti Daaami QR to claim Rs. 500 gift voucher
  3. You will pay the discounted amount and pay 


 For Khalti Pro and Khalti Club users

  1. Head to selected SEMIR outlets for shopping 
  2. On payment, Scan the Khalti Daaami QR to claim the Rs. 500 gift voucher
  3. Use the gift voucher to get a discount on your bill 


SEMIR offer for Khalti users – Terms and Conditions 

  1. For KYC verified only
  2. Offer valid for one-time only
  3. Offer is valid on selected outlets of SEMIR only


SEMIR offer for Khalti Pro users– Terms and Conditions 


  1. Subscribe to Khalti Pro or Khalti Club to be eligible for the exclusive offer
  2. Offer valid for one-time only 
  3. Offer is valid on selected outlets of SEMIR only


More about Khalti Pro, Khalti Club, and Daaami QR

 With a Khalti Pro or Khalti Club subscription, you can experience various benefits and discounts on offers such as Kamiliant, Blackberrys, Lifestyle, Funstation, TTFC, Chicken Station, Funland, and Chaitanya Health and Wellness.    Daaami QR is another exciting feature of Khalti where you get to the spinner on scanning a QR. You’ll love the incredible savings you get with Khalti Club or Khalti Pro after spotting a Daaami QR on the SEMIR outlets you visit. Besides, there are also other exclusive deals you can get on being a Khalti Pro user, which include:   


Khalti Pro

  1. 2% Cashback on self-mobile Top up (same number as Khalti ID) 
  2. Send money for Free to Saved Bank Account
  3. Cashback up to Rs.1,000 on Movie and Event Tickets for 10 Months (valid for a year) 
  4. 2X Khalti Points on payments above Rs.150 
  5. Send money to other banks for free ( 5 transaction per month) 
  6. Rs. 100 Cashback on Bluebook renewal (one-time only throughout the year)


Khalti Club

  1. upto Rs.1000 Cashback on Movies and Event Tickets
  2. Double Khalti Points than a normal Khalti users
  3. Rs. 100 discount on Bluebook renewal service


If you are not a Khalti Pro or Khalti Club user, you will miss out on these great offers and many more in the future. Hurry up and Sign up for a Khalti Membership.   

How Do I Become a Khalti Pro or Khalti Club User?

To subscribe to Khalti Membership, click on the Banner available on Khalti’s Home Screen.  Fill in the required details and proceed to pay in order to subscribe. Your subscription will be unlocked instantly. Your subscription will be renewed automatically after a year. However, you can cancel your auto-renewal anytime if you don’t want to renew your subscription.  

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