Nepal is rapidly turning into an on-demand society. With the arrival of better and faster broadband and mobile data packs, Nepalese are now using their smartphones more than ever. It’s all about obtaining digital services in a snap and making quick and easy payments on the go. In this, the transition towards a cashless society seems to be gaining momentum among both consumers and providers. Slowly and steadily, but surely. 


Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak

Nepal’s smartphone user base has rapidly grown over the recent years, propelled by the increasing availability of new mobile phone brands and high internet connectivity. Digital services on the other hand are growing parallel.

At the outset of the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are gaining convenience as they don’t need to carry physical cash and coins. Moreover, it also offers individuals to take control of their personal finances. Providers are gaining convenience and security too. Managing paper money is not all rosy, and can be quite expensive depending on the nature of the business.


What is a QR Code?

QR code (an acronym for Quick Response) is a squarish matrix made of black and white dots. Unlike the traditional barcodes, QR codes are two-dimensional and can be read instantly with a scan of a mobile device, essentially for contactless payments.


Khalti QR Code Implications


For individuals


  • Quick & instant

One of the major perks of making payments via QR code is that it facilitates instant payment in as little as a minute. No need to enter a pin for all your small and frequent transactions. All you have to do is simply open your Khalti QR code scanner on your smartphone, scan the QR code, and you’re done! It’s a cakewalk.


  •  No fresh mint candies for change

How often do you go to your local mart and get toffee sachets for a change? It is a common situation in Nepal, faced by almost everyone. While the shopkeeper gains profit for every sale they make, customers are the ones who lose out. This blame game has been prevalent between the customer and shopkeepers for years now, and the only way to lessen this bridge is by making payments through QR.


  • Hygenic

Physical cash and coins normally tend to get contaminated with germs and bacterias. Granted, that these viruses cannot be brought into heels for once. Simply put, a QR code is one of the viable alternatives when it comes to hygiene. 


  • Security

QR codes are not only fast, but also ideal for eliminating possible data breaches. They serve the purpose of transferring information in multiple layers that are error-free and highly encrypted. So no more prying eyes on your personal data.

Still not convinced? Download Khalti and try it out yourself!


How to make payments using Khalti QR Code? 

Log into the Khalti app from your mobile device and follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap on the Scan & Pay icon on the home screen to open the QR code scanner
  2. Hold your phone and align it with a QR code within the frame. Your information will be filled in automatically.
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Tap on ‘Purpose’ to choose your purpose behind the payment
  5. Re-verify the details and tap on the ‘Pay’ button to make the payment
  6. Done. 


For businesses 

When it comes to making your product and services sellable, nothing beats the appeal of instant gratification – the idea of making payments on the go. QR code serves instant gratification, and when used in the right way, your business can reap all its benefits. Here’s how:


  • Customers love them

By incorporating QR into your business, you can successfully line-bust, keep your visitors happy, and give them a reason to keep coming back. Simply put, your customers can make their payments even if they have left their wallets at home.


  • Reduces paper carbon footprint

Cash, menus, brochures, receipts, the list goes on. The amount of paper waste that QR can supersede is staggering. Adapting contactless payment Also, you will no longer need manpower on-site to physically handle all of the unnecessary paper wastes.


  • Easy to setup

Setting up a QR payment system is not rocket science. All you need is to sign up for Khalti QR Code for merchants, and you’re done!


How to apply Khalti QR Code for businesses?

To integrate the Khalti QR code for your business goes through these easy steps:

Click here to register. Yes, it’s that easy!


Where can you pay with a Khalti QR code scanner in Nepal?

Khalti OR Code is accepted in almost every nook and crannies of Nepal.

  1. Cinemas
  2. Petrol Pumps
  3. Restaurants & coffee shops
  4. Local stores
  5. Major retail outlets
  6. Hospitals
  7. Airlines
  8. Event ticketing

 And more!

Too long, didn’t read? Check this out!

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