When it comes to payment solutions, convenience and accessibility are key factors that customers look for. With the rapid growth of digital payment systems, it is essential for service providers to offer a seamless and secure payment experience for their customers. This is where Khalti and UnionPay QR code come in.

Khalti, Nepal’s leading digital wallet and payment gateway, has partnered with UnionPay International, one of the world’s largest payment networks, to offer customers an unparalleled payment experience. With this partnership, customers can now pay for their purchases using UnionPay QR codes at over 200,000 locations in Nepal, including shopping malls, travel destinations, and restaurants.

The partnership between Khalti and UnionPay is a game-changer for customers who prefer cashless transactions. Now, customers can pay for their purchases using their mobile phones and Khalti wallet, which is integrated with the UnionPay QR code system. The process is simple and straightforward, with just a few clicks, customers can complete their transactions securely and hassle-free.

The UnionPay QR code system is widely accepted in Nepal, and with Khalti’s integration, customers can enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions at their favorite stores and restaurants. Whether it’s a quick shopping spree or a leisurely meal, customers can pay for their purchases using their Khalti wallet and UnionPay QR code without having to worry about carrying cash or credit cards.

With this partnership, Khalti and UnionPay have created a payment solution that is both accessible and convenient for customers. The system is secure, with encryption technology to protect customers’ financial information. Customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions when they pay using the Khalti wallet and UnionPay QR code.

In conclusion, the partnership between Khalti and UnionPay is a significant milestone in Nepal’s digital payment landscape. With over 200,000 locations accepting UnionPay QR code, customers can enjoy a seamless payment experience while shopping, dining, and traveling. The partnership is a testament to Khalti’s commitment to offering its customers the best payment solutions available, making their lives easier and more convenient.

In order to proceed with Union Pay QR payment user must follow the following instructions.

  1. User must scan the QR code provided by a merchant with khalti QR code scanner, Below is a demo of a QR code.

    Union pay QR code.

    Khalti QR scanner

  2. After the user finish scanning the Union Pay QR code, Payment form with merchant name and ID will be displayed on the app screen, together with amount, purpose, and remarks option , as show below.:

    Payment Form

3. After filling the form details users must hit the proceed button and make payment with either Khalti wallet balance or any bank that is linked to khalti, a popup will be show if the transaction is success or failed.

Transaction Alert.

This is how you can easily pay using UnionPay QR code using Khalti App.



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