Are you a small or medium business owner looking to expand your online presence through Google Ads and YouTube? Say goodbye to those hassles because Khalti, in collaboration with Tele Digital, brings you an effortless solution – “Buy Google Ad credit from Khalti”.

Simplified Payment Process with Khalti :

With Khalti, topping up your Google Ads account is as easy as a few clicks on your phone. Choose from ad credit packages starting at $10, $20, $50. $100, $200, or $500, tailored to suit your budget and business goals. 

Ad Credit







Total Payment (NPR)







Service Charge and Taxes are applicable*


Why Choose Khalti for Google Ad Credits?

  1. Safety and Reliability: Khalti ensures your transactions are safe and authorized, adhering to all regulations.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our team provides valuable advice and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.
  3. Provide VAT Bills : You can easily claim VAT bills as a business expense.
  4. Documentation Support: Khalti provides all necessary documentation for your Google ad credit purchases.
  5. Convenient Top-Up: Purchase ad credits within a few clicks through the Khalti app.

How to Buy Google Ad Credit from Khalti ? 

  1. Sign in or log into Khalti 
  2. Go to popular service 
  3. Select Google Ad credit  
  4. Select the required package 
  5. Fill Details 
  6. Proceed to pay 

Note: If you don’t have an Ad Account ID, leave it blank, and Tele Digital will provide guidance on creating an account.


Benefits of Google Ads:

Instantly reach your target audience using relevant keywords. Whether you aim for sales, leads, website traffic, or brand awareness, Google Ads offers versatile ad options to suit your goals.


Leverage YouTube Ads:

YouTube, with over 2 billion active users, offers vast opportunities for brand visibility. Target your audience effectively with customizable video ads that leave a lasting impact.

Get Started with Khalti Today & Simplify your online advertising journey with Khalti. Download the app, top up your Google account, and watch your business flourish online. Your business deserves the spotlight, and with Khalti, success is just a click away!


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