Sunrise Capital Limited is a licensed merchant banker from the Securities Board Of Nepal (SEBON) and a DP License holder institution from CDS and Clearing Limited. Amongst many services to offer, DEMAT is also one of the major services Sunrise Capital provides. For the ease and feasibility to make payment of DEMAT Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) and Mero Share Annual Maintenance Cost payments, Sunrise Capital Limited is listed in Khalti. Now you can pay Sunrise Capital Demat renewal fees directly from your smartphone using the Khalti app. This maintenance fee, Rs. 100, is charged annually according to the bylaws of Depository Participants.

Please follow the procedures below to pay the Sunrise Capital Demat fee from Khalti

1. Sign up and login to Khalti using Khalti app

2. Tap on the Share icon on the home screen

3. Tap on the Sunrise Capital icon and choose Demat Sunrise

4. Enter your Client ID (16 digits Demat account number), Full NameMobile Number, and Amount (100 rupees for the one-year duration of Demat and 50 rupees for the one-year duration of MeroShare); and tap on SUBMIT

After the successful payment, the Sunrise Capital Demat team will look into your payment and you will receive a confirmation email about the renewal of your Demat account.

Don’t have a Khalti account yet? Create it in two minutes!

Don’t have enough fund in the Khalti wallet for Sunrise Capital Demat renewal fee payment? Load fund instantly using mobile banking, eBanking, bank voucher deposit, Khalti Pasal and more methods! How?

What is a Demat account?

You must have a Demat account to start trading in the share market or the stock market in Nepal.

Demat account works exactly like a bank account; the only difference being that they transact in shares rather than in cash. You can also transfer shares from one Demat account to another.

SEBON has recently announced to launch the ‘One Nepali One Demat Account’ campaign to bring massive participation of the public in the securities market.

About Sunrise Capital Limited

Sunrise Capital Limited is a subsidiary company of Sunrise Bank Limited.

Previously, the NIDC capital market had set up a subsidiary company named NCM merchant Banking limited to provide the merchant banking activities under the direction of NRB and guidelines of SEBON. After NIDC Capital Markets Limited was acquired by Sunrise Bank on 28th Magh, 2073 since then Sunrise Capital has been providing merchant banking services as a subsidiary of Sunrise Bank Limited. It is Nepal’s premier investment services company, with two decades of experience in helping people protect and grow their wealth.

As a pioneer in the field of merchant banking, Sunrise Capital strives to solidify the capital market by mobilizing internal resources of funds and by strengthening investment opportunities in the prevalent financial and industrial sectors – with the focus of achieving rapid and sustainable economic development in the country.

For further information about Sunrise Capital Limited and Sunrise Capital Demat, please visit sunrisecapital.com.np