Sending money to Nepal has never been so easy!

To make sure your hard-earned cash reaches your loved ones in Nepal safely and easily and help you connect with your loved ones, Khalti Digital Wallet has partnered with Remitly.

Now, you can send money to Nepal using the Remitly app directly to their Khalti Digital Wallet App.

As an added bonus, you can win a smartphone while sending money from Remitly to Khalti Digital Wallet.

Send money to nepalYour loved ones will instantly receive Rs. 65 cashback on their Khalti Digital Wallet too.


Send money to nepal


How to Send Money to Khalti with Remitly?

1. Download Remitly App or log in through Remitly.com

2. Select Get Started

3. Choose Khalti inside Mobile as a Delivery MethodSend money to nepal


4. Enter the amount you want to send.

5. Fill in the Debit/Credit card details and address details.

6. Fill out the Recipient’s Name and continue the similar process for address and phone number.

7. Finally, tap on Next to complete the transaction.

Send money to nepal

Money can’t buy love, but there are times it can help those you love, especially if you can’t be there yourself. Send money to your loved ones easily now.


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