OTP is a “One-Time Password” that is randomly generated and sent to your registered mobile number and registered email address to confirm your identity. It is a temporary code as it is valid for a short period of time and can be used only once. It is commonly used in two-factor authentication and acts as an additional layer of security when a user is doing online transactions.

Effectively, your OTP safeguards your digital identity and provides an extra layer of security to protect you against financial fraud and theft from fraudsters. 

While OTP is an important way to authenticate transactions, it can also be misused in multiple ways. OTP is really critical, think it to be like your ATM card pin or a locker key which you wouldn’t share with anyone. You should never share your OTP with anyone, not even with Khalti employees, Bank employees, Khalti Agent, Khalti Support, NRB Official, Income Tax Officer, or even someone who offers you to pay by asking your OTP.

The only time you should use your OTP for Khalti is while:

  1. Trying to Sign Up to Khalti
  2. Changing the Khalti password (In case of Forget Password) 
  3. Loading funds from eBanking/Mobile Banking or other ways
  4. Paying at a third-party website (i.e. QFX, Foodmandu, Sastodeal, etc) using Khalti Wallet
  5. Other websites when you are trying to make payments online 

Please do yourself a favor; NEVER share your Khalti OTP with anyone, specifically when over a call, SMS, or email. 

In case you receive an SMS, e-mail, or call requesting you for your OTP, do one thing: HANG UP the call! And report the number to us, we will look into it immediately.


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