Streamline Your Payment Process with BULK TOPUP : Save Time and Improve Efficiency Today!

We value efficiency and convenience more than anything. Here at KHALTI, we are continuously searching for solutions to the problems our customers face. Have you ever wondered why we don’t have the option of disbursing payments seamlessly without having to pay individually for top-up, landline, internet, TV, and other utility bills? We know the amount of time and overload of work it adds. With your continuous feedback and our learning, we now present you the option of a BULK TOPUP solution where you can top up your due bills in a touch of a button. Use our latest service of BULK TOPUP solution to save time and have full self-control over transactions.

Bulk top-up hasn’t been made easier in Nepal. Khalti, one of the leading digital payment gateways in Nepal, introduces a complete office expenses solution – Khalti Enterprise Service – that provides you the service of payment management solution to securely settle multiple bills in real-time. Our enterprise service of BULK TOPUP allows companies to manage bill payments effortlessly and systematically, saving them valuable time and resources.. We value our customers’ needs and feedback, we are therefore looking for possible ways of solving the emerging problems of our customers.

You might contemplate, but why Khalti Enterprise Service ( BULK TOPUP )?

The world of Khalti Enterprise Service of Bulk Topup awaits you with all these effortless services at the touch of a button lying in the palm of your hands. You just need to welcome yourself. Additionally, we provide the Khalti Offline service, which is focused on those who don’t want to use their dashboard.

In order to use this service, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, the user should deposit services amount to Khalti’s bank account and forward the deposit voucher to Khalti
  2. After that, Users should provide the number of staff and the amount to be recharged in Excel Format.
  3. Finally, Khalti will then provide VAT bills and transaction reports within 2 days.


In order to use our KHALTI ENTERPRISE SERVICE, the user must follow the instructions given below:

  1. User must sign into Khalti enterprise in admin.khalti.com


2. Khalti provides different enterprise options where the user can select the bulk top-up service and upload the excel file after signing in, as shown below.


3. Confirm the transaction after uploading the excel file and click continue button. This is how you can easily use our Khalti Enterprise Service with just a few clicks.


Don’t have Khalti? Sign in right now and enjoy the seamless surfing of bulk topup service.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Should have signed an agreement between the User and Khalti.
  2. Should have provided official documents (Pan Card, Company Registration, company Logo, citizenship) to Khalti for the powerful dashboard.
  3. Users should load their enterprise account by themselves. (Load options: Khalti bank deposit, e-banking, mobile banking, and Connect IPS )
  4. Users can be facilitated through offline service if they don’t want to use their dashboard.
  5. Users should provide the required documents within office hours.


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