Have you linked your Bank account to Khalti yet? If you haven’t yet, you are missing out on payment service directly from the bank without loading wallet. Along with that, you can earn Rs. 100 Bonus by linking your bank account with Khalti for the first time.


Here is how you can link your bank account with Khalti

Before beginning with the steps, remember that the Username and Mobile Number in the bank and Khalti account should be the same. 

How to link bank to Khalti?

  1. Open Khalti and  Tap “Link Bank Account”
  2.  Tap “Link Bank Now” and Choose your bank
  3. Fill in the details and Tap to “Submit”
  4. Tap on “Link Bank” if the information is correct
  5. Verify OTP to complete the process 


Why link bank to Khalti?

  • easier for the user for all kinds of payments.
  • Can Self-link from anywhere within seconds
  • Pay without loading
  • No hassle to load
  • No need to login into the bank app time and again

During payments, users can simply select service, enter details, and while making payments select Linked Bank Account. By doing so the payment will be made from the linked bank account. Alas! Gone are the days to enter passwords and OTPs repeatedly.


bank link

Available Banks to Link in Khalti 

  1. NIC ASIA Bank
  2. Nepal Bank
  3. Agriculture Development Bank
  4. Everest Bank
  5. Bank of Kathmandu
  6. Prabhu Bank
  7. Laxmi Bank
  8. Global IME Bank
  9. Citizen Bank
  10. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
  11. Sunrise Bank
  12. Siddhartha Bank
  13. Civil Bank
  14. Century Commercial Bank Limited
  15. Shine Resunga Development Bank
  16. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank
  17. ICFC Finance Limited
  18. Muktinath Bikash Bank
  19. Jyoti Bikash Bank
  20. Mega Bank Nepal


Terms and Conditions

  1. Users can link any of the available banks to earn Rs. 100. 
  2. There are 20 Banks available for Bank Link in Khalti. 
  3. The bonus offer is applicable for users linking for the first time (i.e. Once you link and unlink to link back again the offer will not be provided)
  4. Users will get Rs. 100 bonus after the first successful bank link.
  5. The offer is valid from Chaitra 9 2078 to Baisakh 8 2079
  6. The bonus money will be deposited into your Khalti account.
  7. Within 5-10 minutes of bank connecting, the bonus will be auto-credited to the user’s Khalti wallet (Secondary Balance). 
  8. If the user does not receive a bonus, he or she should contact support@khalti.com.
  9. Bonus amount cannot be transferred to any other person or to any Bank Account.
  10. Khalti maintains the right, to add, change, or withdraw the terms and conditions of this offer at any moment without notice. 
  11. Unlawful modification or abuse of the Offer is prohibited and is subjected to legal actions.


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