BULK FUND TRANSFER: Make large and multiple transactions easier with the comfort of your finger.

Why stress about transferring funds individually when you can use our latest feature of BULK FUND TRANSFER . With just one dashboard control all large, multiple transactions to one bank to many banks as well as fund transfer. Use our latest feature to make secure transactions, easier and efficient. Such a convenient and easy way to transfer funds and make bulk payment.

You can use this feature in our Khalti corporate dashboard. Manage all your  transactions in one go with our new feature of BULK MONEY TRANSFER. Make large and multiple transactions easier, faster and secure. All you need to do is board in our Khalti’s corporate dashboard.

Our Corporate dashboard is provided with dedicated support to quench any of your queries. Bulk money transfer has never been this easier. Join in today and start making multiple and large transactions from one bank to many banks at the click of a button. 

To enjoy benefits of using Khalti’s BULK FUND TRANSFER:

  1. Make secure bulk fund transfer
  2. Money transfer in real-time
  3. Pay your clients in one go
  4. Multiple bank transactions supported
  5. Minimal transaction fee
  6. Large and multiple transactions supported
  7. Dedicated support

And many more features and options are waiting for you in the corporate dashboard. Start using the BULK FUND TRANSFER and make your valuable time worthwhile.


How to on board the khalti’s corporate dashboard? Follow the below steps:

  1. Mutual coordination &  agreement with khalti’s staff and merchants
  2. Company should provide its company registration certificate, PAN, company logo and user citizenship.
  3. Account will be created based on the provided information.
  4. Proper training will be provided on using the dashboard.


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