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Want to grow your business digitally? Look no further than Khalti, the ultimate payment solution provider for online business owners. This might be the right time for you, if you have not automated the payment for your business and explore Khalti Payment Gateway. For you Khalti has brought Smart Udyami’ offer on the occasion of New year 2080, where Khalti is offering a huge benefit to the business firms. In this offer, we will provide 50% cashback on the API fee/Merchant enrollment for Khalti payment gateway service, API integration support, free quick link panel and a year’s Free Sparrow Bulk SMS Panel. This offer is valid  for every merchant who signs the agreement and integrates with Khalti from Chaitra 23 to Baisakh 26, 2080.


What is Khalti Payment Gateway?

Khalti Payment Gateway is a service provided by Khalti that allows you to accept payments from your customers in a secure and efficient way through your websites and apps. If you have an online business, an e-Commerce website/app or take your business online accepting payments from a wide range of payment options, you might want to provide a user-friendly interface for accepting payments digitally. Hence, Khalti provides you with multiple payment options, making the payment process fast, easy, and convenient. 

With Khalti SDK/API, you can accept payments from:

  1. More than 30 Lakh Khalti Wallet users
  2. Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks
  3. eBanking users of our partner banks
  4. SCT cardholders
  5. Connect IPS users
  6. Also additional features for International payments

Moreover, using Khalti Payment Gateway you will get exposure for your business and get marketing and promotional mileage with Khalti.


What is “Smart Udyami”?

Khalti has been helping and promoting businesses to grow digitally and aware and provide for hassle free, easy and secure payments. Since the beginning Khalti has been a part of Digital Nepal campaign every year via Smart Udyami campaign and it has been encouraging and helping businesses to grow digitally.

On the occasion of the New Year 2080, as part of the ‘Smart Udyami’ offer, Khalti is offering 50% cashback on the API integration fee of payment gateway service and quick integration for new merchants. New merchants who sign the agreement and integrate with Khalti within the campaign period will be eligible for a reimbursement on the API fee integration. Additionally, these new merchants will also receive a year’s worth of free Sparrow SMS API and SMS panel services.

Recently, Khalti has also launched its new service of ‘Quick Link Payment’ which allows merchants to share a digital bill to their customers and receive payment quickly and instant. With the Smart Udyami offer, you can also get to use this service for free for a year. So overall you, as an entrepreneur of this new digital age will get the direct benefit of worth 25,000 and will be lifted to a new dimension of digital finance. 


Offers on Smart Udyami:

  1. Merchants to get 50% Cashback on the payment gateway API fee
  2. Free SMS panel for one year and just get each sms credit @1.3 + VAT
  3. 33% off on transaction fees (3% standard)
  4. 100% off the first-year annual charge of Quick Link Payment
  5. Get the free marketing and promotion mileage from Khalti platform and media links
  6. Enterprise account for your corporate utility bills like Top-up in bulk, landline, Internet, TV,  etc. along with bulk transfer to multiple Khalti accounts and VAT bills for telecommunication expenses


How can you use Khalti Payment Gateway API?

A payment gateway is a system that processes payments online. This enables merchants to securely handle transactions from customers and keeps private information safe. This is essential in order to run an online business successfully, sell products or services online and make it easy for customers to purchase the product and services remotely without any hassle. 

To get started with this service, contact us within this month (till Baisakh 15) or fill out an online form(https://bit.ly/smartudyami2080) and Khalti will contact you shortly for assistance. 

Khalti Payment Gateway is designed to meet your needs. It is easy and seamless to use. It can be integrated with any kind of business of your own. This is a great opportunity for you to try using Khalti Payment Gateway as we have bought this offer specifically for your business. 

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Merchants Must complete MOU and API fees within Baisakh. 
  2. Merchants must complete integration and 10 unique genuine transactions within Baisakh 2080. 
  3. Only merchants with registered operational businesses with a live website and/or app

The Offer is valid till Baisakh 15, 2080


Contact Details:

Query for Business and Smart Udyami offer :- merchant@khalti.com

Payment gateway Integration support :-


API documentation



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