Being a startup and increasing sales is very important. It is also very difficult to drive sales at the beginning stage of your business. e-Commerce websites use a payment gateway to receive payments from customers in Nepal. 

Khalti – Best Payment Gateway for Startups in Nepal 

Khalti is a digital wallet, payment gateway and API provider system for e-Commerce businesses in Nepal. e-Commerce businesses can accept payments from customers who are:

  • Khalti users
  • eBanking users of partner banks of Khalti
  • User’s mobile banking services with Khalti’s banking partners
  • SCT/VISA card-holders
  • connectIPS users   

With Khalti Payment Gateway in Nepal, you will not have to integrate with every individual bank.

Features of Payment Gateway

  • Customers have a variety of payment options
  • Khalti provides highly secured and easy integrations
  • Web (JavaScript), Android, and iOS SDKs are available.
  • Customers may pay with their wallets without having to leave your platform.
  • Khalti Pin and Khalti Password are used for two-factor authentication in Secured Transactions. When a user makes several requests for the same Khalti Pin, Transaction Processing is disabled.
  • Transactions can be viewed, refunds may be issued and reports can be filtered.
  • Every time a consumer makes a successful payment, the balance in the Merchant Dashboard is updated in real-time.
  • As soon as a merchant receives funds in the Merchant Dashboard, they can deposit or transfer them to their bank account.

Benefits of Payment Gateway

  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment: A complex payment process with numerous steps will frustrate your customer, leading to cart abandonment. You can keep track of your consumers throughout their purchase journey by integrating the KPG for your e-commerce sites in Nepal.
  • Eliminate Geographical limitations: Customers can make online payments from anywhere in Nepal via Khalti’s online business solution, which removes geographical constraints.
  • Maximizes Online Sale: Impulse purchasers’ shopping behaviour is heavily influenced by the availability of online payment options. Customers are more likely to take advantage of promotions if there is a quick and easy real-time payment option available. So KPG can be beneficial as it provides easy and real-time payment options.
  • Fast & Secure: Khalti Payment Gateway not only protects you against real-time threats but also speeds up the loading of your website.

Integrate Khalti Payment Gateway

How can startups accept payment online in Nepal? 

If you are looking for a way to accept payment online in Nepal for your startup, Khalti Payment Gateway is the solution for you. As you have already looked at its features and benefits you can already say that it is very much useful. Integrate your startup with Khalti Payment Gateway in Nepal and drive your sales up. 


For more information on how Khalti Online Payment Gateway, please read Khalti Merchant Terms & Conditions and Khalti Privacy Policy.


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