Want a free & easy-to-use dashboard that could solve all of the financial hassles for your business? Want to put an end to the manual labor of transacting individually to each employee? Khalti Enterprise Service is here to solve all your problems! 

Khalti provides a free enterprise service that helps companies settle multiple bills in real time. For instance, CUG top-ups, landline and internet bills, and other utility bill payments with just one easy click. Along with a powerful dashboard and control over your utility bills, Khalti lets you make all the utility payments including VAT bills for the expenses made on telecommunications.


What is Khalti Enterprise Service?

Khalti Enterprise is a bulk utility payment service that allows you to bulk pay CUG Top-ups, Landline, Internet, and TV bill payments along with Fund transfers to your employees all at once.  


What are the benefits?

Enterprise Service provides you with: 

  • Bulk Top up in one click
  • Bulk fund transfer in the wallet
  • Use of all Khalti services, utility payments, flight tickets, etc from a corporate account
  • VAT bill for all bulk topup from this service
  • Time-saving, easy to use, and self-control over transactions
  • Powerful Dashboard to make transactions
  • Transaction History with complete detailed reports


How to apply for Khalti Enterprise Service?

Currently, the service accepts form submissions as an application to enroll in the service.
Click here to fill out the form and a Khalti representative will reach out to you for further assistance. 


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