Khalti has long advocated for a cashless and digital Nepal. We are all aware of the financial difficulties that many firms and entrepreneurs are experiencing as a result of the shutdown. To assist companies in dealing with this, we have been attempting to assist Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in growing the country’s GDP and economy.We have been collaborating with UNCDF to:

  1. Digitize and empower women-led businesses
  2. Make women economically strong
  3. Provide free Khalti QR
  4. Free SMS to promote women’s business

Moreover, we also believe, women, the head of the household, should be given the knowledge first to create a smart digital ecosystem. Thus, we have also been trying to make a contribution to empower and digitize women-led businesses. We have also been conducting a Smart Chhori workshop among girls and women to empower them through economic, digital literacy, and skills. 

Now, with the vision of growing businesses during the lockdown, Khalti has launched a Smart Entrepreneur campaign for our merchants “स्मार्ट उद्यमी” under the Khalti Payment Gateway (KPG) service.  

Khalti is a payment gateway, digital wallet, and API provider system in Nepal for a variety of online services. This service is essential to make a super-fast online payment, loading funds, and paying utility bills.

What is #SmartUdhyami Campaign?

Smart Udhyami is Khalti’s attempt to make it easier for businesses to start taking digital payments. Throughout this campaign that runs throughout Ashar, you can easily integrate Khalti as a Payment Option on your website at zero cost.

This program is applicable for those merchants who make contracts within the month of Asar. You can reach out to us right away to make out the most of this exclusive offer.  

What are Exclusive Benefits?

Those who register under this campaign will have exclusive benefits such as:

  1. No API Integration charge           
  2. Minimum Service Fee (Free for 3 months if you finalize the MOU and go live with the KPG within 20 days of MOU executed)
  4. Sparrow SMS at a competitive rate; 50% discount on SMS promotional costs 
  5. No Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC)
  6. Promotional campaigns as per the nature of merchant’s businesses

Why integrate Khalti into your Business?

  1. Khalti provides multiple payment options for customers. (Your users don’t need to be Khalti users to make payment). With Khalti SDK/API, you can accept payments from:
    – Khalti- eBanking users of our partner banks.- Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks- SCT/VISA cardholders- ConnectIPS users
  2. Highly secure and easy to integrate
  3. Customers can make wallet payments without leaving your platform
  4. Web (JavaScript), Android, and iOS SDKs are all available.
  5. Secured Transaction uses 2 step authentication i.e Khalti Pin and Khalti Password. Transaction Processing is disabled on multiple requests for the wrong Khalti Pin.
  6. View transactions, issue refunds, filter and download reports, and so on using the Merchant Dashboard.
  7. Multi-User System
  8. Realtime Balance updates in Merchant Dashboard on every successful payment made by customers
  9. Amount collected in Merchant Dashboard can be deposited/transferred to bank accounts anytime
  10. Integrating Khalti’s API in your system does not charge a transaction fee for 1 month.


How to create a Merchant account?

  1. Go to  Khalti.com
  2. Click on “more” and select “Merchant Signup
  3. Enter all the necessary information (KYC)
  4. Join


Terms and conditions:

  1. This offer is valid for one month. It starts on the 1st of Asadh and ends on 31st Asadh.
  2. You are required to sign an MOU to receive such privileges.
  3. You need to finalize the service fee by contacting the merchant department.   
  4. To receive a free service fee for three months, you must finalize the MOU and go live with the Khalti Payment Gateway within 20 days of the MOU executed. (MOU is assumed to be concluded on the day KPG is created.)
  5. You need to inform the Khalti Merchant Department when you go live to enjoy free services. A formal email to merchant@khalti.com and marketing@khalti.com must be made aware of the concerned department. The Merchant Promotion Team shall issue an email confirmation if all conditions are duly completed.
  6. Khalti shall bear SMS charges up to 50% for the first bulk SMS send, up to two length text, which supports either 306 English characters or 134 Nepali Unicode characters. Pay via Khalti must be mentioned in such messages.
  7. You need to discuss SMS price separately with Sparrow SMS Team.        


Also, learn to create Khalti Merchant account for free from the video below:

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Don’t have a Khalti account? Download now!  

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