Whether you’re a parent who forgot the fees for your child’s semester fee or a student who pays for your college fees, Khalti has partnered with Thapathali Campus as its first-ever digital payment service provider. You can make your fee payment for any level of Education – Master’s & Bachelor’s. This including registration, admission, tuition, examination, and other fees easily.

Now all you have to do is go to the Khalti app and pay all your fees and payments digitally in the comfort of your finger. This service is to help the students and parents/guardians to make the payment process easier, less time-consuming, and more comfortable.


Pay the following fees for Thapathali Campus from Khalti

  1. Admission Fee
  2. Semester Fee
  3. ID Card Fee
  4. Character Certificate Fee
  5. Recommendation Fee


Steps to make Payment using Khalti

Step 1: Signup & Log in to Khalti from Khalti app or Web using Khalti.com
Step 2: Click on School/College Fee section
Step 3: Select College Section
Step 4: Search and Select ‘Thapathali Campus’
Step 5: Fill Form with payment type and level
Step 6: Choose a payment method and proceed with your payment


Now, you don’t need to wait in line for hours or be physically present on the premises to pay your college fees, all you have to do is Login to Khalti and pay your dues. And, an added benefit of this, is you won’t miss your payment deadlines so easily!

Meanwhile, you can also Link your Bank account to Khalti and make direct and quick payments from your bank or load your money to Khalti and pay.

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