In a groundbreaking move towards seamless financial transactions, Khalti has now seamlessly integrated into the Trade Management System (TMS),  allowing shareholders to conveniently load collateral for their shares directly from their respective broker’s website.

The KPG system is now implemented in 21 broker accounts, enabling shareholders to effortlessly load collateral for their shares. Seamlessly integrating with respective broker websites, Khalti’s payment gateway allows users to quickly and securely make collateral payments. This hassle-free process ensures that shareholders can manage their investments efficiently, with all remaining broker accounts soon to be available.


Simple steps to Load Collateral from Khalti in TMS:


1. Visit the Broker’s TMS Portal:

2. Navigate to Fund Management:

3. Select ‘Load Collateral’:

  • From the Fund Management menu, select the ‘Load Collateral’ option.

4. Choose Khalti as Your Bank:

  • Under the Bank dropdown menu, select ‘Khalti’.

5. Select Web as Payment Method:

  • In the Payment Method section, choose ‘Web’.

6. Enter Amount and Add Remarks:

  • Input the desired collateral amount and include any necessary remarks.

7. Submit and Authenticate with Khalti:

  • Click ‘Submit’, and you will be prompted to enter your Khalti credentials.

These simple steps enable traders to swiftly load collateral directly from their TMS accounts, streamlining their trading experience.


How to Load Collateral from Khalti in TMS?




Below is the list of brokers’ accounts available from Khalti 


1 7 J.F Securities Company Pvt Limited  Already Deployed.
2 22 Siprabi Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
3 26 Asian Securities Limited Already Deployed.
4 33 Dakshinkali Investment and Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
5 8 Ashutosh Brokerage and Securities Pvt  Already Deployed.
6 69 Online Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
7 21 Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
8 75 Mega Capital Markets Limited Already Deployed.
9 51 Oxford Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
10 16 Primo Securities Already Deployed.
11 46 Kalika Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
12 25 Sweta Securities Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
13 14 Nepal Stock House Pvt Ltd Already Deployed.
14 4 Opal Securities Already Deployed.
15 52 Sundhara Securities Ltd Already Deployed.
16 57 Aryatara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd. Already Deployed.
17 45 Imperial Securities Co. Ltd Already Deployed.
18 39 Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd. Already Deployed.
19 77 Nabil Securities Limited Already Deployed.
20 72 Capital Max Securities Ltd. Already Deployed.
21 11 Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd Already Deployed.


With Khalti’s integration into TMS, traders now have an efficient and convenient method to manage their collaterals. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and welcome a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Load your collateral now and experience the difference with Khalti!


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