We are pleased to inform our loyal Khalti users that you may now pay Reliance Life Insurance Premiums with only a few clicks on your smartphone. Khalti recently signed a partnership agreement with Reliance Life Insurance Limited. With this partnership, the company’s customers across Nepal can now make their payment through Khalti’s app and website Khalti easily and conveniently.

At Reliance Life Insurance, we are working to redefine insurance industry in Nepal. We are excited to collaborate with Khalti to introduce digital payment for insurance. Now, our customers can pay insurance premium directly from their mobile phone using Khalti app. In addition to benefiting the customers, going digital will benefit the insurance industry as well since it will help in keeping track of premium payers and make it easier to track irregularities.

Pravin Raman Parajuli, CEO of Reliance Life Insurance Ltd

What is Reliance Life Insurance Limited?

Incorporated on 17 November 2017, Reliance Life Insurance Limited is one of the newest and most renowned life insurance companies in Nepal. Its Issued Capital is Rs 2.10 billion and Paid-Up Capital is Rs 1.47 billion. It offers long term savings and protection products to meet different life stage requirements of its customers. It is developing various initiatives to provide cost-effective products, superior quality services, and a hassle-free claim settlement experience to the customers. As part of the company’s efforts to serve people countrywide, it has established 88 branches & sub-branches across various parts of the nation.

Reliance Life Insurance Products:

1. Reliance Child Assurance Plan (Mero Mutu)

This plan offers the combined benefits of savings and protection for your child. It is designed to provide financial security to your child.

2. Reliance Endowment Assurance Plan

This plan is suitable for those people who want to save regularly for the future and want to have a saving for their retirement.

3. Reliance Money Back Assurance Plan (15 & 20 Years)

Regular saving for your future + Meet your cash flow need + Protecting your loved ones in case of an eventuality.

4. Reliance Endowment Assurance Cum Whole Life Plan

Save regularly for the future, pay for a limited time and get lifetime coverage.

5. Reliance Fixed Deposit Protection Plan

Protection, Fixed Deposit along with Cashback.

6. Reliance Term Plan (Jeevan Shanti)

With a nominal premium, this plan can provide good financial stability and complete protection to your loved ones in case of an eventuality.

Pay your insurance premium from Khalti in five easy steps:

1. Log in to the Khalti app on your smartphone or Khalti Web Dashboard.

2. On the home screen, hit the Insurance button, then Reliance Life Insurance.

3. Enter your Policy No. and Date of Birth and tap on Get Details.

4. On the screen, you will see your name, address, product name, customer ID, next due date, mode of payment, and premium (payable amount). Tap on Pay Bill.

5. Confirm your details and tap on the OK button on the prompt box to complete the transaction.

Your Reliance Life Insurance premium payment has been accepted. You will also receive an SMS confirmation of the Insurance Premium Payment on your phone.

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