What Khalti features do you think you can use while travelling?

Leaving the stress of one’s stressful life, and hitting the roads – who doesn’t want this? Travelling far and wide is on almost every other person list. And people spend some of what they earn on travel plans, be it solo, with friends or family.

Now imagine the horror if your stress catches up to you when you are relaxing? There are a not a lot of things that can go wrong when you are travelling for example, you run out of money, mobile recharge or forgot to book your flight back home. In instances like this, you can always depend upon your very own Khalti Digital Wallet.

Wondering how is it possible? Here are 5 Khalti features you can use when you are travelling:

1. A cozy night to stay in

book hotel online
Has it ever happened that you do not like the hotel you booked? Have been left in distraught thinking you will get a hotel when you get there and you did not? Enter Khalti. Bet you knew Khalti has tied up with OYO to give you your best choices on amazing Hotels. Simply feed the number of people traveling and you will get the information on how the options you can choose from. P.S. You can also book your hotels on the way to your destination.

2. Fly to and from

flight ticket online
The first thing you do when you make travel plans is book your flight. Most times we are sure of how long we will be traveling. But on the times you travel with an open ticket you will need a flight back home, and in the unknown territory, you will have a difficult time buying a ticket. You will get a ticket alright but it will be difficult.
So why not get tickets right from your hotel room? Easy, quick, and efficient. Get tickets from the airlines you want as soon as you think of it. With Khalti you can get tickets for you and your family right as you sip your tea or coffee.

3. Never run out of balance

mobile recharge online

We do not remember it unless you are in need of it and don’t know where to top up your mobile. Your phone is your basic need and the basic feature it provides is connecting you to people. You need mobile recharge to be able to stay connected. Khalti allows getting online Ncell recharge and NTC recharge without any hassle. So what do you do when you need to top up your mobile?

So at times like these, whip out your phone and recharge with or without the internet and stay connected with your friends and families.

4. Go cashless

cashless transaction

One of the best khalti features you can use while traveling – Going Cashless; From transferring money to playing in cafes and shops, recharging mobile to buying flight tickets.

Unexpected situations may mean you could have to extend your travel plans and unexpected travel plans mean more money. Some travel plans are more expensive than expected and before you know it you have gone over budget. In both of these situations you have run out of cash, so what do you do?

Take a deep breath and ask one of your friends to transfer money to your Khalti account. Travel can be stress-free if you have amazing friends and a Khalti account.

5. Get the best seats to your favorite movie

book movie ticket online

Have your travel dates coincided with the release dates of your favorite movie? It’s a rare moment but it could happen. Or you could have planned watching a movie during your vacation.

If that happens, you can skip the long lines get the ticket asap, and use the remainder of the time to find the hall. You could have gotten there late first because you don’t know the place like the back of your hand and second you have the probability of standing in a line which means you lose the best seats. All this solved with a few taps on the Khalti app.

Running into emergencies is not something one foresees when one travel. But that’s the thing about emergencies they pop up unnoticed. And even if you do it’s nice to know that you are covered.

What other Khalti features do you think you can use while traveling? Drop a comment below.

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