Khalti’s Bank Link feature allows you to easily connect your Khalti ID with more than 30+ banks & finances, and effortlessly pay with Khalti without the hassle of loading funds. 

The Bank Link feature in Khalti saves time, allows direct payments straight from your linked bank account, and avoids the long due process of loading funds to your Khalti ID from your bank account. It is a convenient feature that allows you to make payments quickly. 


But did you know there are consequences if you don’t use Khalti’s Bank Link for a longer period of time? Well, it expires! But don’t worry, there is a way to Re-Link your Bank account with Khalti. 


Bank Link Expiry

Bank Link Expiry ensures the safety of users’ linked bank accounts. If Linked Bank Accounts are not used for more than 3+ Months, they will expire. If any expiry occurs, users must re-link to their respective banks. 

This ensures the safety of unused linked bank accounts and helps in user protection. 


How to Re-Link your Bank account with Khalti

Step 1: Login/Sign-up to Khalti 

Step 2: Tap on “Link Bank Account” 

Step 3: Click on “Link Bank Now” and select your bank 

Step 4: Fill in the details required and click on “Submit”

Step 5: Verify your details and tap on  “Link Bank”

Step 6: Verify your OTP and complete the process


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How to not let your Linked Bank Account Expire?

Linked Bank accounts expire only if the linked account is not used for transactions for more than 3+ Months. You can prevent your linked bank account from expiring by using various Khalti payment services with your linked account. 

Topup, Movie tickets, Flight booking, Insurance renewal, Electricity Bill Payment, Khanepani Bill payment, Internet payments, Scan & Pay, etc are some of the available payment services within Khalti that you can utilize to pay with your linked bank account to prevent it from expiring.

Khalti has ongoing offers on the services mentioned above so you can make payments while saving up some cash. Click here to learn more!


Active bank account usage when making payments suggests the user is still using the account and won’t let the expiration occur. 


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