Primary balance is credited in your Khalti Wallet when you load funds in the Khalti account using various Load funds medium.

 On the other hand, “Secondary balance” is credited in Khalti Wallet when you:

    • Receive cashback while making payment of the available Khalti services
    • Use Khalti coupons
    • Load your Khalti wallet using Credit Cards
    • Load funds to Khalti from Khalti Sewa Kenda(The money can directly be transferred to your Primary Balance if you request the person at the Khalti Sewa Kendra. Or else the money will normally be settled in your Secondary balance.)

The total available balance in your Khalti wallet is the sum of both Primary and Secondary Balance.


How do Khalti Primary Balance and Secondary Balance work?

If you have a primary balance in your Khalti wallet then you can use the money to make payment for the Khalti services, transfer to a bank account, transfer to your friends/family using Khalti send/request.

However, if the Secondary balance is available in your Khalti wallet, for any payments made, the amount will be first deducted from your secondary balance and then from the primary balance.

Here’s an example:

balance flowchart

Furthermore, the secondary balance cannot be independently used to transfer or for the payment of Khalti services. It is dependent on the primary balance.


How can you check your Khalti Primary and Secondary Balance?

You can check how much money is in your primary balance and secondary balance by going to your profile page in your Khalti App. Go to More and at the top of your profile page, you will see your Total balance, Main Balance, Secondary Balance, and Khalti points. You can also view your Total available balance on the homepage of the Khalti app.


Got into a problem?

Reach out to our support team at:

Toll-Free: 1660-01-5-8888


Whatsapp/Viber/SMS/Call: 9801165561

E-mail: support@khalti.com