If you are an online business owner and looking to grow a digital business, then Khalti is the right place for you. This might be the right time for you to explore Khalti Payment Gateway because, under the offer ‘Smart Udyami’, Khalti is offering Free API integration and a year’s  Free SMS Panel for new merchants who sign the agreement and integrate with Khalti from Bhadra 15 to Ashoj 15, 2079. 

What is Khalti Payment Gateway? 

Khalti Payment Gateway is a service provided by Khalti that allows you to accept payments from your customers in a secure and efficient way through your own websites and apps. For example, if you have an online business or an eCommerce site, you might want to provide a user-friendly interface for accepting online payment methods. Hence, Khalti provides you with multiple payment options, making the payment process fast, easy, and convenient. 

With Khalti SDK/API, you can accept payments from:

  • Khalti users
  • eBanking users of our partner banks
  • Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks
  • SCT cardholders
  • Connect IPS users

Using Khalti Payment Gateway, you do not need to integrate with individual banks.

What is “Smart Udhyami”? 

In the month of Bhadra – Ashoj, as part of the ‘Smart Udhyami’ offer, Khalti offers free integration with its payment gateway for new merchants. This means that you can start accepting payments instantly without paying any setup fees for API. Moreover, you also get a Free SMS Panel service for a year. 

How can you use Khalti Payment Gateway API for free?

You need a payment gateway API to get your business online and grow digitally. A payment gateway is a system that processes payments for merchants. It securely handles transactions on behalf of your customers and keeps private information safe. This is essential in order to run an online business successfully and sell products or services online. 

To get started with a free service, contact us within this month (till Ashoj15) or fill out an online form and Khalti will contact you shortly for assistance. 

Khalti Payment Gateway is designed to meet your needs. It is easy and seamless to use. It can be integrated with any kind of business you own. This is a great opportunity for you to try using Khalti Payment Gateway as we have bought this offer specifically for your business. 


Contact Details

For More Information: merchant@khalti.com 9801165557

If you need integration support:  For Support Call or Email: merchantsupport@khalti.com or 9801165565

Check our documentation: https://docs.khalti.com