Looking for an easy way to Topup SmartCell? Khalti here is the best way which helps you recharge SmartCell easily within few seconds. 

Khalti is a way where you no longer have to run to the nearest shop to get your SmartCell recharged. By saving time by instant recharge you will also be able to save some bucks by getting 2% cashback at every topup. 

Why use Khalti?

  • Instant and hassle-free recharge 
  • With recharge, you can also do utility payment, ticket bookings, school fee payments, etc
  • Going cashless

Steps to Topup SmartCell

  1. Login to Khalti app and Khalti web app
  2. Scroll and click on ‘Topup’
  3. Type your number and the amount to Topup
  4. If you have a coupon click on ‘I have a coupon’ and enter the coupon code
  5. Click on ‘Submit’ 
  6. Checking the details click on ‘OK’

Just these few steps and you are done. Topup SmartCell is done.

We have an offer running right now for SmartCell users. Read the Blog to know about the offer.

Want to know how you can redeem the Topup Coupon? Watch the video

Don’t have a Khalti account yet to Topup SmartCell? Create a Khalti account today! Digital Nepal starts with you.




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