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How to pay Khanepani bill online in Nepal using Khalti?

Long gone are the days when you had to visit cash counters and stand in a long queue to pay your monthly water bills. Times have changed, and you no longer need to visit counters to perform such simple tasks.  Nowadays, you can pay water bill online in Nepal, or even via a mobile phone. Khalti Digital Wallet offers you an option to pay Khanepani bill online or using mobile apps in a matter of a few clicks.

Follow these simple steps to pay Khanepani bill online in Nepal using Khalti:

Step 1. Sign up and login to Khalti via Khalti app or web dashboard at

Step 2. Tap on ‘Khanepani’ icon on the home screen

Step 3. Choose your bill payment counter, enter ‘Customer Code’, select the month to pay your water bills, and tap on ‘Search’

Step 4. Your name and the total due amount will be shown on the screen. Input the amount you want to pay and tap on ‘PAY BILL’.

Step 5. Details about your transactions will be shown. Tap on ‘OK’ to continue

Step 6. Your water bill payment is successful. Go to transaction history to see confirmation of bill payment

Here is a video detailing how to pay Khanepani bill online using Khalti:


Pay Khanepani bill online in Nepal using Khalti. Save your time and money. Go paperless. Go green.

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How to pay Khanepani bill online in Nepal using Khalti?

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