Khalti Digital Wallet is convenient for its users not only to pay utility bills online but also useful to make contactless payments, especially during pandemics. Khalti has changed people’s lifestyles by replacing the traditional payment methods in Nepali society with this virtual mobile-based wallet. With the help of one click, you can make safe and hassle-free online and offline payments instantly through Khalti app

Contactless payments

Khalti has provided various services to its users. One of them is contactless payments. The service has been very beneficial to make the payment process simple and stopping various diseases like COVID-19 from spreading. While making payments, you do not necessarily have to make contact with the cashier.  Just scan the QR code, confirm payment and your payment will be done in the blink of our eyes. Khalti provides a ‘Scan and Pay’ service option that helps to make the distance with people during a pandemic. So, pay from Khalti and Stay away from different diseases.   

Secure payment service

One of the best services provided by Khalti is security because it uses extensive security measures to safeguard your credit card number. Khalti never reveals users’ financial information without your authorization. No one can make illegal payments from your account due to its 100% security system. When you make payments, your recipient will not be able to access your sensitive financial information such as; bank account and card number. Therefore, use Khalti, and protect your fund.

Tracking your transaction

Are you fed up with losing your important recorded files? If yes, worry not! because Khalti provides your everyday income and transaction history. Khalti stores your all details and information of transactions online. Login to the Khalti app or into its website  Khalti.com and easily track your payments from your phone. Users can effortlessly track the payments or transactions. 

Earn Khalti point

You can get Khalti points if you make payments for the services provided by Khalti. Khalti loyalty and reward points can be earned for each service payment except for Khanepani Bill Payments and NEA Bill Payments. 

Secure, fast, and easy

Khalti always works hard to keep your financial information secure while sending money or purchasing goods and services online. It is fast because you do not have to enter all the financial information every time you shop. Signing up for Khalti is cost-free. From Khalti, you can send funds and balances to your relatives and friends without any hassle. 

School fee payment

If you are facing the hassle of staying in a long queue while making school fee payments, Khalti can be the best option for students like you. Just by staying at home, you can make direct payments from Khalti. It helps to save your precious time and energy as well.


 Similarly, for cheaper, and quicker money transfers, Khalti has already introduced the remittance service as well.  If you have zero balance in your Khalti wallet, Khalti Bank Direct is the best service to load funds into your account without any hassle. This service can be enjoyed once you finish linking your bank account to Khalti. Similarly, for transferring and requesting funds from one Khalti wallet to another, it is necessary to use the send/request feature provided by the Khalti Bank Direct service. You can load money up to Rs 16,000 via their linked bank account at a time. 


You can accelerate your income by becoming Khalti pasal operator. Through Pasal, you can purchase flight tickets, pay internet bills, buy movie tickets, and book a hotel as well. By becoming Khalti Pasal you can get up to 4.5% cashback. 

Easy online shopping

Are you afraid of making shopping going to the market amidst COVID-19? If yes, worry not! Because now you can purchase goods and services from Khalti bazaar staying at home. The service allows you to pay directly by choosing the linked account in the payment option and purchase goods and services from the Khalti bazaar.

QR code

The contactless payment method is also known as payment method by scanning a QR code from a mobile app. It eases you to make instant payment within a few seconds. It saves your time as well because you do not have to enter a pin for frequent transactions. You need to just open your Khalti QR code scanner on your phone and scan the QR code. In the blink of your eyes, your job will be done. Making payment via this service is faster as compared to other modes of payment. 

Khalti payment gateway

This service helps to capture and transfer payment data from the customer to the operator. It is a digital wallet and API provider system for different online services in Nepal. With the help of Khalti SDK/API, you can allow payments from SCT/VISA cardholders, eBanking users of our mobile banking partner banks, Khalti users, and connect IPS users. 


Khalti’s users can also see the available agents as per the branch and location. You can view the available agent listing by selecting the option from the bank link. It provides details about the location, branch, and contact to its users according to the company and payout selected by the users.


Similarly, to pay private business bills, Khalti digital wallet can be the best option for you. For instance, you can pay for community electricity bills immediately using Khalti.

Download Khalti from here, Khalti.com

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