Khalti has more than 1.7 million active users and is Nepal’s top payment gateway and digital wallet. After four years, it has been at the forefront of Nepal’s revolution in online payment methods for more than four years now. This is what Khalti’s clients have to say about the Khalti application.


Ms. Kamala Devi Rana, from Dhankuta is a Senior Assistant at Sanima Bank. She values her time. For her, time means money. Rana always looks for new technology to make her financial transactions hassle-free, easier and faster. She feels that visiting the bank and ATM every time wastes customers’ time, money, and energy. She finds that a modern digital wallet like Khalti has saved her valuable time and money through its faster service and attractive cashback offers.

Kamala Devi Rana

Rana uses Khalti to save her time and money.

“Until a few years ago, I had to accept cash and check in hand at bank. However, things have changed now. Popular online payment service providers like Khalti have made it easier for me to accept contactless payments online from Khalti’s Scan&Pay service and make my utility payments from home particularly amidst COVID. Now, within a few seconds, I can make any type of payment 24/7 from the comfort of my home. It really has helped me to save my precious time and money. ” she says.


Mr. Bedbyas Pokhrel, an Assistant CTO at Tech Sathi and one of Khalti’s users, remember the times when he had to stand in a long queue to make his utility payments. He also recalls the days when he had to visit financial institutions to deposit, send, and receive money. He wished he had access to a digital wallet before. Because if he had access to an online payment service before, he would have been able to utilize the wasted time in creative work. 


Pokhrel uses Khalti to make cashless payments.

 “I Appreciate the Khalti team for such tremendous growth and such a nice gesture to a user. From the past 1 year, the number of merchants has been also tremendously increased so that we don’t have to see any other apps for other payments too. The most loved feature of Khalti is sending messages to users while paying the NEA bill and the UI. I respect the team and their work in this almost monopoly market, Khalti is the path shower to many wallets to break the monopoly in the market. I  request the team to a bit improve the CSD department and secondary balance then the Khalti will be the most chosen and used wallet in Nepal and it doesn’t take time to be the first wallet”  He shares.

He has been continuously participating in Khalti’s various offers and campaigns for a long time.  Pokhrel adds that currently, he is enjoying Khalt’s biggest 10% cashback offer on mobile topup.  He is happy that now he no longer needs to visit shops to purchase recharge cards and face the hassle of scratching them. 


One of Khalti’s users named Dev Singh Mali studying at Tribhuvan University shares that a popular online payment service provider company, Khalti has changed his lifestyle. He primarily uses the Khalti app to avoid the hassle of standing in a long queue to pay his college fees and pay from the comfort of his home. Mali Said, “I had to wait for hours at the bank counter to receive money from abroad for his study“. However, he is happy that now he no longer needs to visit a financial institution for receiving money and the college department for making school fees payments. 

“Khalti app has helped me to receive remitted money instantly and directly into my account for my study. Now, I can easily transfer the received amount to my bank account.  Also, I can make my school fees payment 24/7 with my Khalti wallet.  More importantly, it has been useful the inconvenience of waiting in a big line to pay my utility bills” Mali states.


Biranchi Poudyal, a freelance writer from Kathmandu, Nepal thinks that a digital wallet like Khalti is the new revolution in freelancer life as it gives an easy platform to receive payment. Before using Khalti he used to type and send whole bank detail in SMS just to receive the amount as less as Rs. 500.  Apart from professional life, Khalti has changed his personal life too as he used to remain in a long queue to pay utility bills and was required to walk out for buying a mobile recharge card.  Then Khalti happened and everything changed, these days he is using the Khalti app on regular basis to receive payment from clients from all over Nepal. 

Biranchy Poudyal

Khalti has changed his experience with financial transactions.

“Nowadays I directly receive my earnings in Khalti and spend it via the wallet to pay utility bills and other daily expenses. Every time while making transactions through Khalti I feel like living in the digital age”. Poudyal says.

He believes that the Khalti app gives the perk of expense management for a middle-class freelancer as they can track the record of their income/expense and plan then finance accordingly.


Your Payment Method should be as simple as possible and as fast as possible. Khalti is now available for download.

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