Excited about watching the 2022 WorldCup but you’re on a tight budget? Worry not! Khalti has come up with 1000 WorldCup TV packages Giveaway via Khalti Quiz,  Deal Day offer, Cashbacks, or Daami QR,! 

WorldCup 2022 is going to be grand! With more than a million anticipated live spectators excited to witness 32 teams compete in 8 groups, you don’t want to miss it. Hence, Khalti brings you a chance to win a WorldCup TV Package for your preferred cable operator so you won’t have to buy it. 


worldcup package


How to Participate in the WorldCup TV Package Giveaway? 


Seamlessly participate in the Giveaway by following the various methods mentioned below: 


Khalti Quiz

Play the “WorldCup” Khalti Quiz with 20 Khalti Points once every 24hrs and answer every question correctly to win a 100% Cashback coupon code.  You can use it to redeem the WorldCup TV Package for your desired cable provider. It’s that easy! play the quiz and win the coupon. 


100% Cashback 

Get 100% Cashback while purchasing WorldCup TV Package. Winners will be announced every day, honestly what could be better than this? Hurry up and make a purchase! 


Deal Day

Invest 100 Khalti Points to be eligible to win the package (Steps:  Go to “Deal Day” section in Featured Services > Participate by 100 KP). You can only participate once every 24 hours and you will receive your Khalti Points back if you weren’t lucky enough to win it, so what’s there to lose? Open the app and use your Khalti points. 

Winners will be announced 1 day after the deal day ends. Stay Tuned for that! 


Daaami QR

Spot our Daami QR available in Calendars, Buddha Air Boarding passes,  Trisara, or any Khalti event to spin the lucky wheel. Receive a 100% Cashback coupon code to redeem the prize if you are lucky enough. Daaami QR is DAAAAMI for a reason. 

With Khalti’s exciting quizzes and games, you can enjoy the experience of WorldCup from the comfort of your house, without having to pay a single rupee.                                                     

Only KYC-verified users are fully eligible for all of the offers above, make sure you have it verified, if not here’s a video on how to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvuHJYdIcFM


More T&Cs: 

  1. The Giveaway offer is vaild for all KYC-verified Khalti users. 
  2. Participants will be able to participate in each offer only once per day. 
  3. Participation in Deal Day and Khalti Quiz will be unlocked in every 24 hours. Whereas, Daami QR is eligible for one-time scan only. 
  4. Users must have a minimum of Rs.1 loaded in their wallet to take part in the Deal Day offer. 
  5. This game is not a lottery, betting or gambling as per the prevailing laws of Nepal and Khalti Points will be refunded to Khalti users who don’t win in the Deal Day offer. 
  6. The winner announcement for Deal Day and 100% Cashback will be done through blogs and also notified in Khalti’s Facebook posts/stories. Whereas, winners from Khalti Quiz and Daaami QR scan will be notified instantly if they win the coupon. 
  7. The winners will be sent a coupon code via SMS and App push. The coupon code should be redeemed while purchasing the package to enjoy 100% Cashback. 
  8. In case of any dispute regarding this offer, Khalti’s decision shall be final.
  9. Khalti reserves the right to cancel the offer if suspicious activity is found.
  10. Khalti reserves the right to disqualify any winner if necessary.



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