Have you been collecting Khalti Points for a long time and waiting for the right time to redeem them? So, here’s an exciting offer that you can redeem on your Khalti Points. Now, you can redeem your Khalti Points and get exciting offers on Top-up, Movie & Flight tickets.


What are Khalti Points?

Khalti Points are the loyalty points you receive on making transactions above Rs. 150 in Khalti. The point increases every time you make payments on different services provided by Khalti. Meanwhile, Khalti Points can also be collected from Khalti Quiz. All you have to do is answer all questions correctly or complete the levels and earn your points. 


There is a section of ‘Khalti Points’ inside the Menu icon available on Khalti’s Homescreen. You can see your collected points and also redeem the Khalti Points in exchange for offers like up to 50% Cashback on Top-up & Movie, Rs. 200 Cashback on Flight Ticket, and other exciting offers of Khalti Balance. 


New Offers in Khalti Point: 


Khalti Points



2500 KP

50% Cashback (upto Rs. 100) on Topup Coupon

For first 1000 users 

3000 KP

50% Cashback (upto Rs. 150) on Movie Coupon For first 1000 users 
5000 KP

Flat Rs. 200 OFF on Flight Tickets

For first 1000 users 


How to Redeem Khalti points?

  1. Login/Sign-up to Khalti
  2. Tap on Menu in the right side of your Homescreen
  3. Tap to Khalti Points
  4. Choose the services you want to redeem on your available Khalti Points
  5. Click on REDEEM

You can see the Redeemed Promocode in the Gift Icon on Khalti Homescreen. Hence, you can use the Promocode anytime within 10 days after the redeem. 


Coupon Terms & Conditions : 

  1. One-time use coupon
  2. For KYC Verified users only
  3. Coupon will be valid for next 10 days from the date of redemption


What else can be redeemed from Khalti Points? 

Besides the recent addition to the Khalti Points, you can also redeem your Khalti Points on the below-mentioned amount: 

Khalti Points                                                                  Bonus amount
5,000       KP                                                                              Rs. 50 worth Khalti balance 
10,000     KP                                                                             Rs. 100 worth Khalti balance 
20,000     KP                                                                              Rs. 200 worth Khalti balance 
50,000     Kp                                                                              Rs. 500 worth Khalti balance 
1,00,000  KP                                                                             Rs. 1000 worth Khalti balance 
2,00,000   KP                                                                             Rs. 2000 worth Khalti balance 
5,00,000    KP                                                                           Rs. 5000 worth Khalti balance 
10,00,000  KP                                                                           Rs. 10000 worth Khalti balance 


So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting your Khalti Points by making transactions above Rs. 150 or playing Khalti Quiz. The more Khalti Points, the more Khalti Balance you can redeem. 


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