Always protect yourself and your near ones from frauds and scams.

Digital payment is the future. Mobile technology has made our life easy and more convenient. According to a report, today more than 91 percent of the population has access to the internet in Nepal. Also the pandemic has changed the consumer behavior more inclined towards online services.

Nepal Rastra Bank has also reported that, the transactions worth, Nrs.6.48 Kharba have been made through ATM ,also transactions worth Nrs.4.60 Kharba have been made through online banking and Transaction of worth Rs.20.28 Arba has been done through QR Based payment in Nepal in the Fiscal Year 2020/2021.

But with the enhancement of information and technology, the digital world is facing lots of threats. Daily frauds have increased with the increased transactions on an everyday basis. The penetration of digital and mobile wallets has escalated the risk of getting into scams and frauds.


Some common digital frauds and Scam 


Phone Fraud: Convincing users to give PIN, Passwords or OPT for account transfer or renewing the accounts.

Misuse of cards: Cards being stolen and misused by frauds.

Online lottery frauds: It involves claiming  users have won an online lottery and asking for depositing the tax amount and others.

Account Takeover: Use of accounts without the permission of users.

Online E-Commerce frauds: This involves online sale and payment of the product that never arrives at the consumers 


How to protect yourself from any Digital  Frauds and Scams?


Never share your PIN or OTP : Don’t share any kinds of Passwords, PIN, OTP with anyone. Scammers can misuse such information by making fraud transactions, account transfers and many more.

Always  follow official links:  Do not click any link shared on social media or forwarded in your message. Always prefer an official website for the information and always follow official links only.

Get Familiar :Try to know about the app or website and get familiar with them. Understand the process thoroughly before attempting to use any online App or Website.

Make Authentic Payments :Always make Payments on Digital wallet registered numbers for any online products.

MPIN & Biometrics: Put MPIN and Biometrics in your devices and App you while doing transactions.

If you have become the victim of any digital frauds report to cybercrime as early as possible 


If you get any scam call asking for Khalti OTP or renewal of Khalti account immediately contact our Toll-Free number: 1660-01-5-8888 or email us at :dispute@khalti.com


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