Digital payment is the transfer of value from one payment account to another using digital devices such as a mobile phone, POS, a computer or a digital channel. In Nepal, popular means of digital payment are Digital wallets and payment Gateway, e-banking, mobile banking, plastic cards, Automated Teller Machines, Point of Sales Machines and many more. Digital payment today has become a part of day- to-day life for most people in Nepal. 

Digital payment in Nepal does not have a long history. It dates back to the early 1990’s when Nabil bank introduced credit cards. Few other banks like Himalayan Bank, Kumari Bank and Laxmi bank gave the phenomena a push by adding services related to it.

 Later on with the increasing accessibility of the internet in Nepal, people are starting to use more digital payments. It is not surprising that Nepal has been adopting the technologies, being an open economy. So we can conclude the increment of digital payments and digital payment services is a part of globalization. Today  all digital wallets like Khalti, IME Pay, eSewa and others  have become more trendy. They are more user friendly and convenient to pay any online utility bill  payment, domestic Flight booking, online Recharge and Top Up, online movie booking and many more. 

People have become more familiar with digital payments after Covid-19 as the rules for social distancing have been implemented. Due to the fear of infection people avoided staying in queue to pay the bills and shop physically. As an alternative to that, they have found online payments, and online shopping more convenient, secure and time saving.

Looking at the statistics, 10.15 million out of around 30.25 million account holders are using mobile banking services whereas internet penetration in Nepal is approx. 21.4% of population. Similarly, digital payments amounted to 40% of online sales post COVID. This shows the number of digital payments has increased by almost double post covid. 

Digital Wallets are definitely the trendiest of all now, because of its flexibility, security, convenience, and widespread availability. In terms of Nepal, e-wallets have reduced geographical barriers for financial transactions for people in remote areas, and given them value of time. It implies equally in the urban population too as people have a limited time frame and with a wide range of services from e-wallets a consumer can save a lot of time and be more productive and efficient. 

Khalti  Digital Wallet and Payment Gateway has been a part of this revolution. Starting its journey from 2017 with a small investment to growing as a big corporate house in 2021, within a few years it has contributed a lot for the digital payment industry in Nepal. With a user base of more than 2 Million, Khalti is one of the prominent companies in the industry. 

You can easily book your Flight, pay insurance premium, Utility bills, Top-up and transfer and receive your amount easily with Khalti. Grab flat  cashback up to Rs.100 on your every first transaction by using Coupon Code.


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