We are pleased to announce that many people across the country will now be able to apply for NIC Asia’s Super Chamatkarik Loan directly from Khalti.

To make the loan application process easier to the users, we have recently launched a new feature in our Khalti app, called “NIC Bank Super Chamatkarik Loan”. Amazing isn’t it?

What’s more amazing is that the “Super Chamatkarik loan” comes with the most competitive interest rate and attractive features.


Super Chamatkarik exciting Loan Features:

  •         8.25% p.a. (interest rate locked for first 1 year)

(After the 1st year interest rate shall be then base rate and premium equaling 8.25%, in case the base rate after one year is more than 8.25% then the interest rate shall be equal to the base rate)

  •         Loan processing is done within just 48 hours
  •         Admin fee 0.25% (Loan processing fee)


Super Chamatkarik Loan types and it’s limit:

Loan Type

Minimum Limit Maximum Limit

Home Loan

Rs.400,000 Rs.15,000,000
Auto Loan (Private) Rs.500,000


Auto Loan (Business) Rs.400,000


Business Loan Rs.1,600,000



Why should you opt for Nic Asia’s Super Chamatkarik Loan?

  •         The loan application process is paperless and fully digital
  •         There is no need to visit the branch to submit the form
  •         After the submission, the representative from NIC Asia bank will contact you

To know how to apply for the loan with Khalti just follow these simple steps and you are all set!


How to apply for Nic Asia’s Super Chamatkarik Loan with Khalti?

Step 1: Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 2: Tap on the “NIC Bank Super Chamatkarik Loan” icon on the home screen

Step 3: Now on the select the loan type according to your need and tap on “Next”

Step 4: Fill up the form, enter the required details and tap on “Submit”


Now, after the Super Chamatkarik successful submission, a representative from NIC Asia bank will contact you and process for the loan within just 48 hours!