Digital payments are evolving constantly with an increasing number of options available to customers. Not just a convenient substitute for cash, Khalti constantly looks for ways to make our fellow citizen’s life easier when it comes to money remittances as well. According to the World Bank, “Nepal is the 19th largest receiver of remittance with $8.1 billion in 2018, contributing 30% to the country’s GDP. “ Thanks to the manpower working abroad and contributing to the countries economy the most.

Having said that we are happy to say that we have started the remittance service in Khalti with a vision to provide convenience in the remittance sector as well. Also, for the ease of people who are yet unbanked, they can send and receive money with Khalti from different parts within Nepal or anywhere from the world. Therefore, with Khalti remittance the money transfers become quicker, cheaper, and more convenient. 


About Khalti remittance

 With the Khalti remittance feature all the Khalti users can easily receive money directly through and into the wallet to their family, friends, and relatives across the country and world with just a tap from your mobile phone. 


Features of Khalti Remittance 

Receive Money: The receive money feature lets the user receive money directly in the Khalti wallet from any part of the world. 

Track money: With the track money feature users will be able to check the status of the transaction of Remit Receive”. 

Collection of the money: After the transfer process is complete, the automatically generated control number/pin code will be sent to the receiver’s mobile phone which he/she needs to show to the specific agent to collect the money.

 Available agents: Available agents feature lets you view the available agents according to the location and branch. The current Khalti partnered agents are: 

Available Agents and available service through Khalti

Agents Remit Receive ( Domestic)

Remit Receive (International)

City Express

Not Available

Not Available

Nepal Remit



Bhatbhateni Money Transfer Available


I-Pay Available



How to Receive Money from available agents with Khalti? 

Step 1: Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 2: Tap on the “Remittance” icon on the home screen.

Step 3:  Tap on “Recieve Money, enter the control number/pin code received on your mobile device and tap on Next

Step 4: Now you can view the form with the detailed information of receiver, sender and the remitted amount

Step 5: Tap on the Receive Money option you see and you will get the confirmation page click on ok.

Step 6: You will receive a success message after clicking Ok. 


Few things important to note while trying the remittance service:

  • KYC verification is mandatory for the sender.
  • The main balance is deducted while making the remittance payment
  • Currently, the remittance feature is available only for consumers.
  • To receive the remittance from Khalti the name and mobile number of the receiver should match with the Khalti ID. The third person’s remittance cannot be received from Khalti App.
  • To collect the remittance from nearby available agents the receiver must show a control number/pin code that will be received on the receiver’s mobile number. 
  • In case the receiver does not get a control number/pin code, the user can request the pin for a maximum of 3 times or can contact the Khalti office or remittance company head office. Go to track money and resend the PIN.

(*Note: Currently the remittance service is available only in android, and will be soon available in iOS)