To ensure the safety of the citizens amid the coronavirus outbreak, many countries have adopted digital payments and to avoid the use of cash. The Bank of Korea (BOK) has started to put their currency notes through a high-heat ‘laundering’ procedure to get rid of any possible traces of the virus before releasing them for circulation. Likewise, the Chinese government has also advised the lenders to disinfect and separate banknotes in a dry place for seven days as part of the fight against the virus.

These all safety measures are being taken care of after being advised by the World health organization (WHO)  to switch to contactless payments whenever possible and also that anyone using banknotes should wash their hands instantly after touching them.

Considering all these safety measures which all the countries in the world are taking, we people should also start adapting contactless payment methods for the safety of ourselves and others. As we know, Nepal is still taking baby steps towards a cashless economy but now is the right time when people can actually start using it. With mobile banking, e-commerce – delivering groceries at doorstep and facilities from digitals wallets, users should start transacting online for all kinds of payments.

Users can pay online through the Khalti checkout option and also send and receive funds from Khalti but there is another facility that users can use in this situation to avoid cash. The facility is Instant Bank Transfer which allows all Khalti users to send money online to anyone’s bank account for free of cost. Using this facility KYC verified users in Khalti can send money to the accounts of more than 50 banks in Nepal. The transaction happens in real-time and users can receive money instantly.

Here are a few instances for which people can use Khalti’s Transfer facility to avoid viruses. While purchasing grocery use online methods only to order and pay. If you need to pay someone, use Khalti to send funds directly to their bank account; by this you are actually avoiding a lot of risk of getting affected – Reaching the ATM to withdraw money, touching the buttons to get the cash out which may have been accessed by thousands of people, then cash itself which may contain a virus (As we know viruses stay in the paper for 4-5 days). 

You surely didn’t think that just an app would help you so much? You must be wondering how to use this service. Here are a few simple steps which you can follow to send money instantly to anyone, anywhere within seconds.

You must be logged-in to Khalti app with your Khalti ID (your mobile number).  

Step 1. Login to your Khalti account using the mobile app or web dashboard khalti.com

Step 2. On the home screen, click “Bank Transfer” icon 

Step 3. Now choose the receiver’s bank account, Enter the account holder’s name, account number, amount, select your purpose and tap on the Send button.  

Note: Please be careful while writing the bank account number which should be the same

Once done, your money will be transferred to the receiver’s bank account instantly. You can then view the transaction detail in the ‘Transaction’ option. On the other hand, the person you transferred the money to, will also be notified via SMS. 

Few things important to note while trying Bank Transfer feature:

  1. Users can send money to the list of banks in the Khalti Bank Transfer option only.
  2. All the transactions in withdrawal take place on a real-time basis (within max 15 mins). In case the funds do not get transferred within 15 minutes, the user should contact Khalti support.
  3. The sender must have their KYC verified in Khalti to use this feature

If your Khalti KYC is not complete read more on how to get it verified here: https://blog.khalti.com/tips/verify-khalti-kyc/)

We have waived off the charge slab for Khalti wallet to Bank Account Transfer (withdrawal) 26th March’2020 to 12th April’2020 to provide a seamless transfer from home for the safety of the users for them to start sending money online and avoiding physical contact with people and cash.

Also, know about the recent money transfer limits updated by NRB (Nepal Rastra Bank) to help users in this global pandemic.

Maximum Amount Per Transaction Rs 25,000
Maximum Transaction Amount Per Day Rs 1,00,000
Maximum Transaction Amount Per Month Rs 5,00,000


At this global pandemic, we hope you all are safe and utilize this time by taking care of your loved ones and learning something new.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!