Exciting news to all Nabil Bank users as there’s an offer you can’t miss. Now Nabil Bank users can link your bank account in Khalti and unlock the chances to win exciting gifts and instant bonus. 


If you have your Bank Linked to Khalti, with just a few clicks “Payment Huncha Quick”. If this is your first time linking any bank account to Khalti, then link your Nabil Bank now and complete your first-ever payment and get an instant Rs.100 Bonus. 


Along with this,  weekly winners will get the chance to win 1-year subscription of Khalti PRO and Smart TV as a weekly and Bumper Prize. 


There’s more, because any Bank Link payment opportunity will also make you eligible to win an Pulsar N160 in Khalti’s The Biggest Payment Jatra. This exciting opportunity adds to the benefits of linking your bank account to Khalti. 


Exciting offers of Nabil Bank Link

Users who have linked their Nabil Bank account to Khalti or for the first time and have completed at least one successful transaction is eligible for the exciting offers, which include:


  • For first-time bank link users: Instant Rs.100 Bonus on first-ever bank link payment
  • Weekly Prize: 1-year subscription of Khalti PRO to 4 lucky winners
  • Weekly Prize: 32” Smart TV to 1 Lucky winner
  • Bumper Prize: 43” Smart TV  to 1 Lucky winner
  • Bumper Prize: Pulsar N160 to 5 Lucky winners


How to link Nabil Bank account in Khalti


It’s easy to link your Nabil Bank account to Khalti. The steps are: 

  • Open Khalti and tap”Link Bank Account”
  • Tap”Link Bank Now” and choose your Nabil Bank
  • Fill in the details ad tap on “Submit”
  • Tap on “Link Bank” if the information is correct
  • Verify OTP to complete the process


Benefits of linking your bank to Khalti 

 There are many benefits of being a bank link user, which include:

  • Quick payment, in just a few clicks
  • Easier for the user for all kinds of payments
  • Can Self-link from anywhere anytime within seconds
  • Avoid the hassle to load money into a wallet
  • One login into the bank app is enough
  • Eligible for exclusive offers


There’s more in The Biggest Payment Jatra

Khalti has even more exciting offers for users until Ashar 31st. Users can win a digital Scratch Card after payment of Rs.100 or above. This Scratch Card consists of more than 1 Crore giveaways and coupons.


Additionally, Khalti users can make payments for any two services, and 5 lucky winners will also be eligible to win Pulsar N160. With your linked bank account you can make any payment Quick! 


Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is valid from  22nd May, 2023 to 14th July. 
  2. The bonus offer is applicable for users linking for the first time to Khalti (i.e. Once you link and unlink to link back again the bonus will not be provided).
  3. Users will get Rs. 100 bonus only after the first successful bank link payment of a minimum Rs.100.
  4. The bonus money will be deposited into your Khalti ID. 
  5. The bonus will be auto-credited to the user’s Khalti wallet (Secondary Balance) within 5-10 minutes. 
  6. Please reach us out to on our social media pages if you don’t receive the bonus on time. 
  7. The bonus amount cannot be transferred to any other person or to any Bank Account.
  8. The winners must bear to pay the tax of the Bumper Prize. 
  9. To claim the prize, the winner must bring one of their official government documents (citizenship, driving license, or passport) which must match the KYC form verified on Khalti. A copy of the same should also be provided.
  10. The winners of the bumper prize will be announced on Khalti’s Official Facebook Page within 7 days after the end of this offer.
  11. The winner of weekly prize will be announced every week through Khalti’s blog post. 
  12. Khalti’s decision in case of any dispute regarding this offer shall be final.
  13. Khalti maintains the right, to add, change, or withdraw the terms and conditions of this offer at any moment without notice. 
  14. Unlawful modification or abuse of the Offer is prohibited and is subjected to legal action.
  15. Khalti reserves the right to disqualify any winner if necessary.


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