We are excited to announce to our valued Khalti users that now you can load fund in your Khalti account easily from Lumbini Bikas Bank’s mobile banking app – Lumbini Smart, and counter deposit vouchers.

We recently partnered with Lumbini Bikas Bank for digital payments. With this alliance, Lumbini Bikas Bank customers can load their Khalti accounts via the bank’s mobile banking app Lumbini Smart and make digital payments for various goods and services on the go via Khalti’s mobile app and web service.

How to load fund in Khalti using Lumbini Smart App?

1. Open Lumbini Smart app on your smartphone and log in to your bank account using login credentials

2. Tap on the Menu icon on the home screen. Tap on the Payment icon, choose the Merchant Payment menu and tap on Khalti

3. Enter the desired amount to load in your Khalti wallet, enter your Khalti ID and tap on Submit

4. Confirm your transaction details and tap on CONFIRM

Your Khalti wallet will be loaded instantly.

Load fund in Khalti using deposit vouchers at Lumbini Bikas Bank branches

You can also load fund in your Khalti account using deposit vouchers available at all 65 branches of Lumbini Bikas Bank. (Find locations of all Lumbini Bikas Bank branches here.)

After you load the fund in Khalti, you are all set to make all types of bill payments instantly.

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