Looking to get a new TV connection and confused about which one to choose? Well, there are two types of TV connections in Nepal; Digital TV and Cable TV. Cable TV is a technology where UHF and VHF bands are leveraged through coaxial cable to deliver television programming to subscribers. It delivers two types of signals: Analog and Digital. It allows television stations to broadcast high-quality digital content. It comes in two qualities of pictures:

  1. Standard Definition TV (SDTV) 
  2. High-Definition TV (HDTV).

There has always been confusion about whether to choose Digital TV or Cable TV in Nepal. But no matter how much confusion there is, Digital Cable has been the one chosen at last. 


Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Digital TV over Cable TV in Nepal:

  • Multiple Language Options:  You get multiple language options in Digital TV. You will be able to choose channels and language according to your need and enjoy the TV shows.
  • More Channels: Digital TV has more channels in comparison to Cable TV. This tells that you have more options of channels to choose from and enjoy TV programs in it.
  • Parental Lock: Digital TV gives you the feature of parental lock. With this, you can lock those channels that are not appropriate for your child and only watch those which are suitable.
  • Better Signal Quality: Digital TV has better signal quality as compared to Cable TV. As it transmits television audiovisual signals through digital coding the signal quality is better.
  • 3 days Added Credit: Digital cable provides you with 3 days added credit. Digital TVs such as Dish Home gives you 3 days extra when your recharge finishes. So, even if you have forgotten to recharge your Dish Home it won’t be a problem and you can pay it within those 3 days or you pay through the Khalti app.

Has your balance in Dish Home finished? Recharge it via Khalti. Khalti provides you with an instant payment option without much hassle. Not only a hassle-free payment option but Khalti also provides you with a chance to save a few bucks by giving 2% cashback on every recharge. 


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