Digital payment transactions in Nepal is increasing more than ever. According to a recently published study, 3 percent of total payments in Nepal are made digitally. Digital payment services are not only enabling us to get rid of hard cash but also making our life simple with hassle-free payments. Though still in infancy and a long way to go for the country to become fully cashless, the adoption of online payment is increasing rapidly.

You no longer have to visit a bank teller or even a nearby ATM machine. You can simply load your money into your digital wallet app like Khalti and make all kinds of payments from your cell phone online. Khalti offers a wide range of services to which you can make digital payments and make life convenient. In this article, we discuss the top 10 digital payment services that you can use via Khalti at the comfort of your smartphone to make your life easier.

1. Mobile Recharge

Mobile phones have become a basic necessity nowadays. We have to remain online on the go, and even when traveling abroad. However, we need to recharge every time the mobile balance runs out of credit. Most of us find mobile recharge using scratch cards a hassle.

With Khalti’s online top-up service, you no longer need to go to a nearby shop to buy a recharge card and then type PIN numbers printed on the scratch card into your cell phone.

With just a few taps on the screen, you can recharge your mobile (Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Cell) with any amount of balance in a matter of seconds.

2. Internet Bill Payment

What would you do if your internet balance gets over in the middle of the night while you are watching your favorite movie or your favorite football team’s match? It would be quite annoying, right?

Don’t worry, you can pay the internet bill of major ISPs in Nepal, including WorldLink, Vianet, Subisu, Websurfer, and ADSL in an instant using your smartphone. 

3. Monthly TV Bill Payment

DTH services like Dish Home have reached the remotest of villages in Nepal. But, people in such area have to walk for hours to reach a nearby shop to buy recharge cards. Whereas, in city areas, amidst hectic schedules and busy routines, it happens many times that you miss out on your due date resulting in disrupted DTH services. Now, worry no more! In situations like these, the facility to recharge DTH online using Khalti will come handy.

You can recharge the majority of DTH operators in Nepal including Dish Home, Clear TV, Mero TV, NET TV, and SimTV online, and get set to experience the widest list of channels without physically reaching the operator. Your DTH recharge is just a few clicks away with Khalti.

4. Electricity Bill Payment

Recent news in a national media said that people in rural areas of Nepal travel distance and spend hundreds of rupees in transportation fare to pay electricity bills. You no longer have to bear such huge extra expenditure and spend a lot of productive time on something so simple. Now, you can pay electricity bills in a matter of few taps on your smartphone (Khalti app), or from a nearby Khalti Pasal.

Furthermore, if you stay in the city, you can pay the electricity bill of your home back in the village from here itself. This way, you can force an end to the challenge your parents have been facing for long as they no longer have to visit bill counters to pay monthly electricity bills. Isn’t it interesting? 

5. Khanepani Bill Payment

Long gone are the days when you had to visit cash counters and stand in a long queue to pay your monthly water bills. Times have changed, and you no longer need to visit counters to perform such simple tasks.  Nowadays, you can pay water bills online in Nepal, or even via a mobile phone. With Khalti Digital Wallet you get an option to pay Khanepani bill online in a matter of seconds.

6. Flight Booking at the Cheapest Rate

Domestic flights in Nepal have been one of the most popular means of transportation. All the major cities and many popular tourist destinations are less than an hour away if you choose to travel by air. Flight ticket booking can be a very tedious process, however. If you wish to book tickets through counters, then it is a very time-consuming process. You may have to visit multiple counters even when you want to book domestic flight tickets urgently.

For hassle-free and secure transactions, you can book flight tickets using Khalti. At Khalti, you can compare flight rates and choose cheaper deals while deciding on your flight ticket booking. You can book flight tickets for Buddha Air, Saurya Airlines, Shree Airlines, Simrik Airlines, and Yeti Airlines through the Khalti app and website. The flight booking service is hassle-free and transparent. By using the Khalti app or website you can book your flight tickets instantly.

7. Movie Ticket Booking

With Khalti, you don’t have to stand in queues to catch your favorite stars in action. You can book movie tickets directly through the Khalti app and website ‘anytime, anywhere and make payments instantly. Say goodbye to the old way of booking movie tickets and go online with Khalti!

You can book movie tickets for BSR Movies, Q’s Cinemas, FCUBE Cinemas, and MidTown Cinemas inside the Khalti app and website. Whereas, you can book movie tickets online at QFX Cinemas, BIG Movies, and City Cinema online through their app/website and make payments online via Khalti.

8. Hotel Booking

In the past, booking hotel rooms used to be one of the major challenges for travelers in Nepal. Earlier in 2018, Khalti announced a strategic partnership with OYO, a global pioneer in hotel services, to make hotel booking in Nepal easier. Now, you can easily book more than 35 budgeted hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara through Khalti in a matter of few clicks on your smartphone.

9. Payment at Online Shopping Sites

Nepal has seen rapid growth in online shopping sites in the last ten years. Popular e-commerce sites like Daraz, Sastodeal, Hamro Bazar, Urban Girl, and Kitab Yatra emerged during this time. The recently held Daraz 11.11 Sale Day (Nepal’s biggest online sale day) showed the popularity of online shopping among Nepali consumers. However, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) is still the principal method in most online shopping sites. Khalti is working to change this scenario and shift the trend to digital payments.

Currently, you can make online payments in many e-commerce sites of Nepal using Khalti payment gateway, and we are in the process of expanding this service to multiple online shopping sites.

10. Make Cashless Payments at Restaurants and Retail Stores

Instead of paper notes or cards, you can use Khalti to make payments for all the goods purchased at retail stores (Khalti Pasals). You can also pay digitally at numerous restaurants around the town using Khalti’s Scan and Pay facility.


Furthermore, using Khalti, you can:

  1. Split bills in restaurants: You can use your smartphone to split the dinner bill with a friend in restaurants.
  2. Keep track of all your expenses: You can track all of your transactions made via Khalti, and minimize the unnecessary expenses.
  3. Get attractive cashbacks and earn Khalti Points: You can earn reward points on every transaction which can be redeemed easily for various services offered by Khalti.


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