Gone are the days when we had to visit a bookshop, walk through various sections, and read the synopsis to find the desired books we wanted. It required huge time investment. However, the digital revolution is transforming the way we buy books, from purchasing through physical stores to online marketplaces. Buying books from online bookstores provides a completely different experience. Kitab Yatra is one such premium online bookstore in Nepal where you can easily buy book online, and pay cashless via Khalti.  

A wide range of categories of books from fiction, non-fiction to educational books are available for purchase at Kitab Yatra. Kitab Yatra also offers the facility of advance booking before a book is released in the market, and delivers on the same day of release.

Kitab Yatra provides free delivery of books all across Nepal, and most importantly it provides books at a pocket-friendly cost.

Why you should buy a book online from Kitab Yatra?

1. You can explore all kinds of books in one place

2. Synopsis and a general overview of the book on the Kitab Yatra website help you in choosing books of your choices

3. Kitab Yatra offers the best deal on books

4. Very easy to place an order of books

5. Free delivery all over Nepal

You can order books of your choice online and get them shipped directly to your doorsteps.

Kitab Yatra book delivery Option:

Normal: Free (Free Shipping within three days of ordering online)

Sub-Express: Rs 100 (Release-Date Delivery)

Express: Rs 200 (Express shipping, Same-Day Delivery)

Follow these 7 simple steps to buy a book online in Nepal through Kitab Yatra and pay via Khalti

Step 1. Register and log in to Kitab Yatra through the website  kitabyatra.com

Step 2. Choose your desired book(s) and click on ‘ADD TO CART’

Step 3. Click on ‘CHECK OUT’ after confirming your books on the cart

Step 4. Fill up the shipping address and tap on ‘CONTINUE’

Step 5. Choose your delivery option and tap on ‘CONTINUE’

Step 6. Choose your payment option; Pay by Cash on Delivery or Online Payment via Khalti Digital Wallet


How to pay via Khalti?

Khalti provides various modes of online payment. To pay Via Khalti, from the given option Select Khalti. The payment modes provided are:

a) Scan and Pay

Scan and Pay is one of the most prominent features of Khalti. The merchant is provided with a QR Code which the user scan and transfer the money directly to the designated merchant. You can also pay through Khalti’s Scan and Pay at the time of delivery. How?

Step 1: Log in to your Khalti account using your registered number and password

Step 2: Tap on Scan & Pay option on the Dashboard.

Step 3: Scan the Merchant’s code to whom you can pay (You need to provide camera access to the app)

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to pay, add the remarks and pay on tap on Pay button

Step 5: Confirm the details and tap OK

Step 6: You will get the notification of Successful payment.

b) e-Banking partners

Step 1:  Choose Khalti as the payment option and the Interface of Khalti will load.

Step 2: Select the bank of choice, enter your Khalti ID, and tap on Pay

Step 3: You will be redirected to your bank’s e-banking portal where you can complete the process.

c) Wallet checkout 

Step 1: Choose Khalti as the payment option and the Interface of Khalti will load.

Step 2: Choose ‘Wallet’ and input your mobile number and tap on the ‘Pay’ button.

Step 3: Enter third-party transaction PIN and the Confirmation Code you have just received and tap on ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT’

Step 4: After the successful payment, you will receive a success message and redirected to the merchant’s website.


Step 7. After you click on the ‘CONFIRM ORDER’ button, your order will be confirmed and the Kitab Yatra team will do the needful

Sit back and order as per your convenience. Buy a book online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Visit kitabyatra.com to grab the latest and worth reading books.

Got into a problem?

Reach out to our support team at:

Phone: 01-5524415

Whatsapp/Viber/SMS/Call: 9801165561

E-mail: support@khalti.com

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