Immediately after the launch of the mobile payment solution via apps and web service in 2017, the Khalti team brought in the concept of turning normal shops into smart shops, namely, Khalti Pasal where all types of payments can be made cashless. Khalti Pasals are Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals of Khalti Digital Wallet.

Khalti Pasal was also brought into operation also in a bid to render online payment services to people in far-off places where not everyone might have an internet banking account but need to make digital payments for various services.

Instead of selling paper recharge cards, Khalti Pasal provides an instant online top-up service. They also provide all sorts of mobile money transactions (cash-in, cash-out, and airtime top-up).

As of now, there are altogether more than 5,000 Khalti Pasals spread across 50 districts of Nepal. Local Kirana Pasal, small paan-pasal owners, and even those who run nanglo pasals sitting under an umbrella have turned into Khalti Pasals.

Now, these shopkeepers no longer need to buy recharge cards from dealers. Using a single Khalti account, they can top-up all telcos numbers (NTC Recharge, Ncell Recharge, Smart Cell Recharge), DTH (Dish Home, Sim TV, Mero TV, Net TV), and make payments for electricity bills, Khanepani bills, book movie tickets, flight tickets, and provide many more services to the customers.

Why Khalti Pasal?

1. Instead of commuting through jammed road and fighting pollution to reach cash counters to pay utility bills, it’s much easier making all such payments from a nearby shop.

2. Khalti Pasal is especially helpful in semi-urban and rural areas that are underserved by banks. You no longer need to travel to district headquarters to pay electricity bills. You can do so from Khalti Pasal in your village itself.

3. Khalti Pasal seeks to promote adoption among users who are reluctant to use digital payment methods.

4. Khalti Pasal will be especially helpful to all those who don’t have smartphones, or mobile/internet banking service enabled. (All you have to do is go to the Khalti Pasal nearby you and request service from the shop owner.)

5. Khalti Pasal provides a new source of income to the shopkeepers (earn commission on every transaction).

6. In the near future, you can even buy your daily necessities and pay via Khalti at all Khalti Pasal.

What can you do at a Khalti Pasal?

Khalti Pasal

Khalti Pasal

1. Make all the bill payment services available with Khalti

At Khalti Pasals, you can make all types of bill payment services that Khalti offers, including mobile recharge, electricity, and Khanepani bill payment, internet bill payment, and DTH recharge, flight and movie ticket booking, and many more. This will be especially helpful if you don’t have the Khalti app on your mobile to avail such services.

Need to recharge your mobile? Search for a Khalti Pasal nearby instead of a paper recharge card seller.

2. Load money in your Khalti wallet

Khalti Pasal also works as cash agents, from where you can load your Khalti wallet by depositing cash. It will be especially helpful to those of you who do not have bank accounts but are active smartphone users.

Convert your money into wallet money and make all types of payments through your mobile. Seems interesting, right?

3. Make cashless payments at the stores

Instead of paper notes or cards, you can pay for all the goods purchased at Khalti Pasal using Khalti’s seamless digital payment method. (Note: Currently, this facility is available at limited stores only.)

What benefits do Khalti Pasals operators get?

1. No need to buy separate recharge cards

Khalti Pasal operators don’t have to go to recharge card dealers and purchase separate recharge cards of Namaste, Ncell, Smart Cell, Dish Home, etc. Now, you can top-up the mobile phones of your customers as and when necessary.

2. Earn commission on every transaction

You can become a Khalti POS agent easily, and offer various digital payment services, and earn a decent income.

On every transaction conducted via Khalti, you will get a commission that goes up to 3.5% of the transaction volume. On all transactions (except NEA bill payments and Khanepani bill payments) above Rs. 150, you will also get Khalti Points. You can redeem Khalti Points to get gift hampers from Khalti.

3. Track your transactions easily

All the information of transactions you made via Khalti will be stored online. And, you can easily track your transactions/payments using the Khalti app or by logging into our website, Khalti.com. So, no need to worry about recording your daily transactions and income in a separate ledger.

Testimonials of Khalti Pasal operators

After starting Khalti Pasal some 10 months ago, things have turned around for me. My income has increased after providing Khalti’s mobile payment services in my shop. So far, I have carried out transactions of more than 5 million rupees from my shop.
On top of everything, using Khalti is very easy and provides an awesome and smooth user experience.
Ishwari Gyawali, Khalti Pasal Operator, Butwal

Ishwari Gyawali, Khalti Pasal Operator, Butwal

Our appeal to make Nepal Digital and Cashless

The world is going through digital disruption. However, not even 1% of the population in Nepal uses digital modes of payment.

Do you want to convert your shop into a Khalti Pasal? Fill up this form or visit khaltipasal.com to turn your shop into Khalti Pasal and start providing digital payment services. It just takes a couple of minutes to turn your shop into Khalti Pasal. You can also refer the shopkeepers nearby you to turn their shops into Khalti Pasal. Digital and cashless Nepal start with you.

[Cover Photograph: Dipendra Kumar Sah, proprietor of Shivam Paan Pasal provides mobile recharge service to a customer. The shop is located 17 kilometers south of Lahan, Siraha.]

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