Mobile phones have become a basic need nowadays. We have to remain online on the go, and even when traveling abroad. However, we need to recharge every time the mobile balance runs out of credit. Most of us find mobile recharge using scratch cards a hassle task.

Now, you can force an end to that boring usual mobile recharge. With Khalti’s online Ncell Recharge and NTC top-up service, you no longer need to continue the tiresomely lengthy process of mobile recharge by typing PIN numbers printed on scratch cards into your cellphone every time your mobile runs out of credit. You can recharge your mobile with any denomination in a single click using the Khalti app.

Here, we present you the nine ways how Khalti makes mobile recharge easier and simplifies balance transfer:

1. It’s late evening and shops are closed

It’s late in the evening, and you’ve got to make a call to your boss to let him know that you have completed the job. You go for a call and hear the voice we all hate- the one stating our mobile balance is low and isn’t enough for you to make a call. You seek out, and the furthest of shops are closed.

Viola… Khalti is at your disposal. With just a few taps on the screen, you’ll recharge your cell with the balance in a matter of seconds.

2. Shops running out of mobile recharge cards

When someone is out in the rural, the probability of them finding the recharge card in there is really low. Even around Kathmandu and other cities, getting recharge cards at times are supplied with reasons like ‘out of stock’ or ‘unavailable’. May it be NTC top-up, Ncell recharge, or Smart Cell Recharge, Khalti’s Online Mobile Top-up Solution will never disappoint you.

3. Scratch card scare

They say prevention is always better than cure. There is no one here in Nepal not hearing the rumors of skin cancers from scratching cards. Admit it or not, scratching cards are boring and dirty. Going from cards to cards scratching, and to hear rumors of cancers? Better be in the safe and clean zone with Khalti.

4. Trouble reading PIN numbers

Maybe this sounds lame, but the ones wearing spectacles are the ones living life under the mercy of those thick glass walls in front of the eyes. Lose your spectacles for a second and you cannot read. And the numbers printed on the recharge card? You clearly can see how an online mobile top-up with Khalti is a good and simpler idea.

5. Need to recharge, but you are out of access to the internet

Khalti also offers a free offline mobile recharge facility. It will be especially helpful when you are outside of home/office, or traveling and don’t have access to the internet. Free offline recharge service works on Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Cell.

offline mobile recharge

6. Recharge any denomination

The minimum amount you can go for recharging with scratch cards is 50. While at Khalti you get to go with a minimum of Rs.10. This feature is really useful, and you will understand it next time when you find a friend, who will never pay you back, has an emergency situation and has no balance in his cell.

Online mobile recharge

7. Cashbacks and Khalti points

If you think of it in a broader sense, with every mobile top-up you do with Khalti, you get a 1% cashback. Seems exciting, right? Furthermore, on top-ups or any other transactions above Rs.150, you will also earn Khalti points. You can redeem Khalti points to receive a gift hamper from Khalti.

online mobile recharge khalti points

8. Paperless and environment-friendly

With every Khalti top-up, you’re making yourself friendlier to this environment with less use of papers (virtually no papers from your side). Go paperless, go green!

9. Easy and secure online mobile recharge solution

To top-up mobile via Khalti, you not only don’t have to enter a recharge PIN but also a mobile number. You can choose your mobile number by clicking on the hand sign on the top-up menu or select the numbers from your contact list, or from the ‘Recent Payments’ section. The mobile top-up scenario in Nepal is about to see a huge change through an online recharge facility provided by the likes of Khalti.

Khalti’s easy-to-use interface, multiple bank linkages, and secure payment system make it a user-friendly and reliable payment service provider.

In a nutshell,

Online mobile top-up had never been this easy before. Khalti makes it easier for mobile recharge of any service provider. Hassle-free online mobile top-up, anywhere anytime. Any places with no shops around, Khalti works. Any time when you’re without physical cash, Khalti works. With Khalti, you can change the way you have been making balance transfers and save your time.  Also, Khalti provides transaction history for better record and money management and expenses tracking. And above all, it is paperless and environment friendly.

So, before you recharge next time, think of Khalti.

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