Domestic flights in Nepal has been one of the most popular means of transportation.  All the major cities and many popular tourist destinations are less than an hour away if you choose to travel by air. Book Domestic flight ticket using Khalti for hassle free and secure transaction.

Flight ticket booking can be a very tedious process, however. If you wish to book tickets through counters, then it is a very time-consuming method. You may have to visit multiple counters if you want to book domestic flight tickets urgently. Luckily, there are online websites too which offer you domestic flight ticket booking facility. But most websites in Nepal work differently than their international counterparts. Most websites just store the information you give and book the tickets either offline or from the airlines’ website. So, why would you even choose that option?

The next option you have is booking via individual airline’s website. But while doing that you can’t compare flight rates and then you may miss out on cheaper deals or you may have to visit multiple sites before deciding on your flight ticket booking.

But, the situation has started to change, and digital wallets like Khalti have started to provide flight booking services in a hassle-free and transparent manner. By using Khalti app or website you can book your domestic flights in Nepal instantly. Khalti also offers attractive offers and cashback. By using Khalti, you will not only save your valuable time but also money.

Booking domestic flight tickets via Khalti is a very simple process. In a matter of just a few clicks, you can book flight tickets. Using Khalti, you can book tickets Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Saurya Airlines, Shree Airlines and Simrik Airlines.

You can book domestic flight ticket easily following the steps below:

1:  Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using khalti.com

2: Tap on ‘Flight’ icon on the home screen

3: Select ‘One Way’ or ‘Round Trip’, Destination, Date of Flight, nationality, no. of passengers, and tap on ‘SEARCH FLIGHT’

4: List of available flights will appear. Choose the one that is feasible for you

5: Check your Details and click on ‘CONTINUE’

6: Enter Passenger Information and Click on ‘ADD DETAILS’

7: Confirm your details and Click on ‘MAKE PAYMENT’

8: Your payment will be successful after you click on ‘OK’ and you will get cash back instantly

Watch video on how to book domestic flight ticket online from Khalti App

Book domestic flight ticket via Khalti is not only quick and easy but it also provides the users with cash back. Users can also compare the rates between multiple carriers. So, make sure that you book tickets only from Khalti from now onwards.

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