If you are planning to study abroad and want to register for IDP IELTS then you can directly apply for IELTS from Khalti. Khalti offers IDP IELTS test registration Pack of UKVI for both Academic Test and Life Skills Test . 

Moreover, you can get Rs.500 Cashback on payment of your test booking from Khalti. Take advantage of some additional savings and book for a test date now. 

Book IDP IELTS Test from Khalti: 

Follow these steps to book a test date from Khalti:  

  • Search for the IDP IELTS icon on the dashboard of Khalti App









  • Once you tap  on the IDP icon , select the desired IELTS test and click on get details.
    1. Register for an IELTS test.
    2. Register your IELTS Test for UKVI(Academic Test).
    3. Register your IELTS Test for UKVI (Life Skills).

IDP IELTS                                                            IDP IELTS

  • After selecting your type of test you will find two options
    1. Academic Test with the cost.
    2. General Training with the cost.
      Select one of the following and click Apply.


IDP IELTS                                IDP IELTS

  • After clicking apply, fill all the required details in the form and click proceed to payment.


IELTS Registration from Khalti                                 IELTS Registration from Khalti


 IELTS Registration from Khalti                                    IELTS Registration from Khalti

Your registration for the IELTS examination will be successfully completed

(Note: Get instant Rs.500 Cashback on booking)

So with a few clicks you can easily register for IELTS, enjoy frequent cashbacks and offers which you can apply using promo code Khalti App, follow all our social media and notifications for daily updates about Khalti Cash Back offers.

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