The nationwide lockdown has had a negative impact on a variety of industries. Medical and healthcare enterprises are no exception. Many healthcare facilities in Nepal, however, have begun to integrate Payment Gateway services into their operations in order to serve patients at home in the face of COVID. The practice has contributed to increase businesses, prevent viruses from spreading, and accept online medical bill payment payments 24/7 from anywhere in Nepal. By integrating online payment accepting services on their merchant website, they have made it possible for customers for easy financial transactions using their online payment gateway integrated into the e-commerce website, or merchant website, and Credit/Debit card. 


Growth of online medical services in Nepal 

A few years ago, patients were unable to make a follow-up visit to the hospital and pay its bills. The medical service providers were also under compulsion to provide health service putting their life at risk, however, things have changed now. The pandemic has completely redefined our normal life. Mounting numbers of a healthcare organization has started adopting online medical services in Nepal. 

Now, you no longer need to visit hospitals for your treatment. From the digital platform, you can receive personal care and services at your own home by licensed healthcare professionals. Depending on the individual patient’s condition, doctors and nursing have started visiting the patient’s home to treat the illness. 

Similarly, telemedicine company has also been serving patients at their home. They have made it possible to do certain laboratory tests such as blood and urine tests at patient’s homes. In addition, portable X-ray machines allow lab technicians to perform this service at home. 


 Market penetration for telehealth in Nepal

Due to the government’s stay-at-home orders, medical offices have initiated providing, medical consultations, medicine delivery, and health service at the patients’ door via  Khalti Digital Wallet. They provide medical services and deliver care from distance using technology. It has made it easier for patients to book an appointment with their preferred doctor, receive medical facilities and make contactless payments online in Nepal via Khalti wallet. 


Benefits of integrating online payment methods for health care billing

Following are the benefits of adding a payment gateway for hospitals, clinics, labs, and medical institutions in Nepal.

  1. It accepts multiple payment options
  2. It provides recurring billing
  3. You can easily keep track of transactions
  4. It helps to accept contactless payment


How is Khalti Payment Gateway streamlining Healthcare Payments in Nepal? 

Khalti Payment Gateway has been supporting healthcare merchants by providing free API from different offers. Similarly, Khalti has made it possible for Healthcare Merchants to accept payments from Connect IPS users, SCT/VISA cardholders, Khalti users, and its mobile banking partners. It has also provided the facility of depositing or transferring their collected amount in their Merchant Dashboard at any time. 


Accept Payments Online In Nepal


1. Secure money movement (Khalti to bank transfer)

From the Khalti Payment Gateway service, merchants can accept money from customers at anytime securely. You can easily transfer the collected amount to your bank account whenever you want. With this service, you no longer need to visit the bank to deposit funds into your account. 


2. Real-time Payment Status & Reports 

Integrating Khalti Payment Gateway in your healthcare institution, you can easily keep track of your transactions history. You can check and download the details from Khalti’s transaction section from the comfort of your home. 


3. Developer Friendly API

For developers’ better experience, Khalti Payment Gateway includes comprehensive documentation and code such as multiple languages. It is more responsive and interactive. It enables developers to interact with systems directly and provide live testing facilities.


4. Multiple Payment Options

Using the Khalti Payment gateway, you no longer have to integrate with individual banks. Fro its SDK/API, you as a merchant can easily accept payments from SCT/VISA, eBanking users of Khalti  partner banks, connect-IPS users, and Khalti users


How to Integrate the Khalti Payment Gateway for Health Organizations:

  1. Sing up for a healthcare merchant account and login into the merchant dashboard
  2. Test secret keys and Test public keys are displayed when you click on Get Keys.
  3. For Khalti Payment Gateway integration, you may use these keys



  • From the Khalti wallet, at least one test transaction should be made.
  • Complete transactions conducted using E-banking or M-banking will not lead to a successful test transaction.
  • It is not necessary to add extra money to the Khalti app in order to test a transaction.
  • To check the status of your transaction, go to the Transaction menu and select Test mode.

For more information, click on docs.khalti.com

Health care organizations can be more digitalized in the future by adopting digital technologies into their system. Integrating Khalti Payment Gateway helps them to improve their work efficiency and serve their patients better. 

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