Aspiring medical students and doctors registering in Nepal are required to register via Nepal Medical Council (NMC) or apply for License Examination and Special Examination in order to practice medicine in the country. If you are preparing to register in NMC, Khalti has made the process of paying the NMC Examination/Registration fee easier and more convenient than ever before. 


Types of Exam and Registration in NMC:



  • Registration (active throughout the year)


  1. Provisional Certificate- After finishing MBBS and before the internship
  2. Temporary Registration- After passing the License exam
  3. Permanent Registration- After 2 years of Temporary Registration
  4. Special Registration- After passing the license exam


  • Exam


  1. License Exam (3 times a year)
  2. Special Examination (PG/MD)


How to pay for the NMC License/Special Examination/Registration fee?


Now, with Khalti you can pay your NMC Registration and Examination fee in just a few taps.  Here’s how you can pay for the NMC Examination fee using Khalti:

  1. Go to the URL: https://nmc.org.np/ and click on Forms   
  2. Register/Sign up with your ID and password
  3. Fill in personal details and interested registration or exam type
  4. Users shall be asked if they want to make payment immediately or later
    • If users select the immediate payment, then select Khalti and make the payment
    • If not, users can later make payment via the Khalti App also using ‘Token’ which looks like ‘PR-12345678’ for Provisional Registration or  ‘71924865’ for License Exam. 


Steps to pay by using your Token Number


  1. Signup/Log in Khalti app
  2. Go to the ‘Popular Services’ section on the home screen
  3. Click on NMC Registration / NMC Exam
  4. Add Token Number
  5. Tap on ‘Get Details’ and verify the details
  6. Choose a payment method and proceed to Pay 


About Nepal Medical Council (NMC)


The Nepal Medical Council (NMC) is a statutory body regulating the medical education and registration of doctors in Nepal. The primary role of the Council has been to permit qualified doctors to register for NMC and allow them to practice safe modern medicine. The role of NMC has evolved over the period of time; from mere registration of doctors that are eligible to practice modern medicine to conducting licensing examinations before registration, monitoring, and regulating medical education in the country.


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