Foreign Employment is an important part of the Nepalese labour market. Foreign Employment has increased exceedingly and the workers who seek opportunities overseas are mostly for better employment. 

DOFE stands for Department of Foreign Employment. Term Insurance is made mandatory by the Department of Foreign Employment for every Nepali going overseas for employment. In case of any health emergency, the insurance covers their medical expenses. Insurance for an individual is taken by independent travellers who travel individually. 

Khalti-Digital Wallet in collaboration with Jyoti Life Insurance has made arrangements to pay Foreign Employment insurance premiums through both the mobile app and web app of Khalti-Digital Wallet.


Perks of using Khalti for DOFE Insurance:

  1. Recurring Payment: Khalti has the feature of the recurring payment. So with this feature even if you forget to pay the premium it will be paid.
  2. Time-saving: Khalti helps you save time as you will not have to travel to your respective place and be in line to pay the premium. You will be able to pay a premium whenever and from wherever you are.
  3. No Transaction Issue: There will be no confusion in the transaction and also will be no issues coming when the transaction happens.
  4. Transaction History: Your transaction history will also be saved in Khalti. It will help you to keep a record of your payments for premium.

Steps to pay Foreign Employment Insurance premium from Khalti:

  1. Go to Khalti website or Khalti app
  2. Login with your ID if you are not logged in
  3. Scroll down to find Government Services or go to the Bazar section to find government services
  4. Select DOFE Insurance
  5. You will see manpower or individual (choose the applicable one)
  6. Fill in the required data and submit it for payment

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