Khalti is my family. I have got it in my DNA. There are many reasons why I would like to call it that way. 

I started my professional career in Khalti 3 and half years ago. I got the opportunity to give myself a  try in the merchant acquisition department, which has now revamped into the business development department. I still evidently recall how naive I was,  even though I had a little experience prior while joining Khalti. 

I am so grateful to my coworkers and seniors who taught me enormous things. I am not flattering and I don’t have to but it’s true that I am so lucky to be a part of Khalti. I wanted to express how lucky I feel to be a part of this family and am thankful that writing this piece on the occasion of Khalti’s 6th Anniversary was handed to me. 

Khalti has been a solid team of innovative and energetic individuals from the very beginning. The hunger of growth and opportunities has been instilled in every one of us. It drives everyone to do better everyday. The energy to fill the innovation in every little thing or process has always motivated me. I have seen and learned how it looks: the blend of innovation and perseverance with patience.



Khalti has clearly made me understand the importance of team and the power it beholds. I remember my initial days at Khalti. We had few team members in comparison to what it is today. I would know the names of each and every team member of the whole organization. Every team member had a zeal for doing better every day. I think, today, it’s an outcome of the efforts of those early days and the present team members’ perseverance and resilience. Things have always been possible because of this team. 

I have learned so much about a business here in Khalti that I couldn’t have got a chance in some other large organization. In the past, I recall making countless mistakes but instead of punishments and judgments, there was always room for suggestions and encouragement from my seniors and coworkers. 

I have learned ‘empathy’ from Khalti which I shall have eternal. I distinctly recall the days of the early COVID-19 pandemic when the virus was identified here in Nepal for the first time. Khalti immediately practiced ‘Work From Home’. Honestly, I really didn’t know the concept of Work From Home prior to the pandemic. We, all team members, worked from home without getting laid off, not even a single individual. Not a single employee got laid off even in such a pandemic, while the other organizations were massively laying off their employees. Every one of us fought a tough battle with the virus. Some of us even lost our beloved family members. During that time, the entire Khalti family was there with us. Every one of us understood the importance of a team and every single team was always there and we fought together. I learned empathy before my eyes.



When I think of the opportunities that I got in the Khalti, it’s tremendous: from a shot to start a career in fintech to leading a huge team of business development. I got plenty of time to hit and trial myself every now and then. Obviously, there are numerous inevitable challenges while leading a fierce team member of one of the prime FinTech companies in Nepal. However, it’s an equally rewarding job that I have been enjoying for a couple of years now. Within this short span of time, I realized that the time of fintech here in Nepal is very dynamic. The strategies and plans we make today become ineffective tomorrow. Thus, as a team lead, I feel responsible that I encouraging my team to prepare for anything that comes their way. 

The growth attitude of Khalti has taught me alot – even in difficult times, we should not think of giving up. Bad times don’t stay forever, we just have to stay strong and chase the goals. And this message is for my entire Khalti family. 

Today when I meditate on my time in Khalti, I remember fond memories, the things I learned, the shots I got, feats we made, the mistakes I made, the lessons I learned and the memories we created. I am so grateful to Khalti and I am indebted to seniors and colleagues of present and past for believing in me.