I still remember walking through the door of Khalti three years ago to sign my appointment letter as HR Officer. Ever since then, walking through this door has felt like coming home away from home. I was relatively fresh in the field of Human Resource Management (HR) and Khalti, in itself, was a fresh organization all set to grow for good. I knew it from the beginning of my journey with Khalti that I had dived into the right pond that would grow with time to become an ocean of its own. I knew Khalti and I would grow together. 

Talking about growth, any good officer would be able to do his/her work in full potential provided they are supported, guided, and trusted upon by a good supervisor. I couldn’t have asked for more than Bhubi (Bista) di in a supervisor as HR Manager. Ever since my appointment with Khalti, she has been a great mentor and a supervisor who has always believed in my potential and allowed me to lead as and when necessary. 

Prior to joining Khalti, I always envisioned working in an atmosphere, where young creative minds come together with innovative ideas and motivate each other. Khalti was exactly the one I was looking for. With its niche growing in the digital market of Nepal for two years, with leadership being handled by smart youths of Nepal, with dynamic young BODs and a large pool of young talented minds, Khalti was a competitive place to work for. 

However, working in the position of Human Resource Officer had its own challenges to battle for. There is a saying that a HR officer would always struggle to make friends and amends at the workplace and many times finds themselves as a loner in a crowd. Three years later, as I look back now, I agree to this to some extent. 

While my job and position has been very crucial to the organization, it hasn’t been easy. As an HR officer, there was so much more to do than to recruit or close contracts. I had to act as a bridge between the management and the larger employee pool that many times would make my role as of a Villian. The challenge in between was to ensure that you actually don’t become the villain but you become the one who fixes any loopholes and brings humans together with all resources they have. 

From organizing events to handling administrative works, from recruitments to planning HR strategies, my journey with Khalti so far has definitely been rewarding. Especially, the last two years with the ongoing pandemic, I feel like I have grown so much with Khalti overcoming all the challenges posed by the pandemic. To let go of colleagues, to recruit professional in a very short span of time, to build up new working modalities to work remotely while also ensure the mental wellbeing of the employees in these trying times and to plan capacity development activities for professional growth of staff, it feels like I have discovered and exercised my potentials beyond my own knowledge. It feels good to look back and see how I have been able to be an integral part of this organization irrespective of challenging times.

Three years later, today I look back and feel great to be an employee of an organization known as one of the most leading institutions in providing digital pay service in Nepal. I look at my seniors as my guardians at home while all my colleagues as my extended family members.

             Prayash K. Pradhan – Senior Officer HR