Khalti has been working relentlessly to digitize Nepal. In this journey, little victories and milestones have been very important. One of such many milestones has been the contribution towards empowering & digitizing the women-led MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). It has been further aided by the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

UNCDF awarded Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. (Khalti) this project under the SHIFT(Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) program to improve access to finance for the Women-led MSMEs. Its main scope is to digitally empower Women MSMEs to become financially independent by providing a platform to digitize all payments including their sales.

women-led MSMEs


Sneak peek at what we did and are still doing under this program:

1. Digital Financial Literacy Training Programme

We started with digital financial literacy training to illustrate the overall scope of making & receiving digital payments using Khalti. 

We also collaborated with several banks to open zero-balance bank accounts for MSMEs who have not opened bank accounts or who wanted to create a new account. The main motive of this initiative was to ease the organization of their finances.

2. Introduction to their products and services to hyperlocal market as a marketplace

We introduced MSMEs to our hyperlocal marketplace i.e. Khalti Bazaar. The participants received training on listing products/services they offer as well as how it operates along with its benefits.

In addition, we also provided free digital marketing of their products or services for better chances of sales. Besides, we also educated them about online security.

3. Bulk Payment Transfer

Khalti provided Bulk Payment Transfers from the Women MSMEs organizations to the bank or Khalti account of women working with them to facilitate easy & smooth payment. 

4. MicroLoan Processing 

In collaboration with banks, understanding the need for capital to run or expand businesses of Women MSMEs, Khalti is also planning to help Women MSMEs avail microloans from the bank(s) based on the digital footprints on both Khalti & Bank accounts without any collateral as far as it seems practicable.


5. Cashback up to 4% on every top-up

Khalti has also provided a 4% cashback facility. As they top-up from their number to any other number they receive the cashback offer.

6. Get Free Khalti QR as well as a 500 SMS facility.

Similarly, to receive payments easily, Khalti also distributed Khalti QRs for free of cost. Furthermore, a 500 Bulk SMS facility was also provided to MSMEs to helps them reach out to their potential customers.


7. Cash-In-Cash-Out Points by Khalti

Keeping in mind how Women MSMEs need to encash their Khalti Balance, Khalti is setting up significant Cash-In Cash-Out (CICO) points in their project implementation area as per necessity. These Cash-In Cash-Out (CICO) points also offer various Digital Financial Services (DFS) to them.


Khalti initially collaborated with women MSMEs based organization SABAH (SAARC Business Association of Home-Based Workers) Nepal for project implementation and later collaborated with few other Women MSMEs based organizations like different chapters of Business and Professional Women (BPW) Nepal. This project started with a target of digitizing at least 1800 Women-led MSMEs. Till date, over 3,500 women, MSMEs have already become a part of this program, surpassing all the expectations with flying colours. 


A Few Testimonials from participants of the workshop:

Deepa Karki

Reliable transaction and payment facility via Khalti, excellent quality products, easy return policy, and the good customer service made me feel comfortable using the service.”  

– Deepa Karki, Sabji Land 





Snegdhata Shrestha

“Working with Khalti, UNDCF, and Nepali Cart has been both personally and professionally delightful for me and our members. Thank you for making SABAH Nepal and The Village by SABAH a part of your phenomenal campaigns. MSMEs indeed need such support to sustain and grow. Keep up the good work.”

– Snegdhata Shrestha, SABAH Nepal



Kabita Limbu

“Thank you Nepalicart and Khalti for everything. We wanted to offer our customers and clients a unique level of service by providing an innovative web-based e-commerce platform. Nepalicart and Khalti have delivered a solution that does exactly what we were looking for.”  

– Kabita Limbu, Owner of Pathivara Stationery and Gift Shop 



UNCDF/UNESCAP have been very helpful & supportive to Khalti in every way to implement this project successfully. 

If you too have a small business or know someone who does, you can quickly fill up the Khalti – Women MSMEs FinTech Innovation Fund form to make their business digital under this project.  By filling this form, you can help those who don’t have access to digital financial literacy. This will contribute to the growth of women entrepreneurs by developing their reach in the Nepalese business sector.  


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